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MTL: -25° Qc: -28° Mistissini: -39°

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Cold Spell! Vague de Froid intense !

§ 1. WoW! WoW ! Whereas this fall, temperature difference between Qc City and Mistissini were of only 1, 2 or 3°, since the cold temperatures came about this winter, the temperature difference betwwen those two municipalities has been greater, for example, 11° today…

§ 2. Alors que cet automne, la différence de température en la Ville de Qc et Mistissini n’étaient que de 1, 2 ou 3°, depuis que les temps froids sont arrivés cet hiver, la différence de température entre ces deux municipalités a été plus marquée, soit 11°, aujourd’hui…

À moins 39°, ce matin, il est possible que l’école Voyageur Memorial ferme. At minus 39°, this morning, it is quite possible that Voyageur Memorial School closes for the day…


Mad Cow Disease, CJD, YouTube and XHTML

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Inserting in a blog a video posted on youtube, with the code they suggest, creates five XHTML errors; since I take great care at keeping this blog’s XHTML 100% proof, I thus rather inst@ll a target link to that video… le@ds to Professor Colm Kelleher’s Interview; he speaks about mad cow disease and also the human form of the disease, called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD; the video lasts 56 minutes. Advanced ESL students should be able to understand Professor Kelleher, who has a clear, articulate, well-spoken speech delivery…

In this fresh @rticle, in Mississauga, ONT, doctors suspect man has strain of Creutzfeldt-Jakob…


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Surprise! !Sorpresa!

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§ 1. I went to MTL overnight and thus could visit twice my dear little mom; I also had the joy to sleep on my dad’s temporary little sofa.

§ 2. my MoM’s as sweet and pretty as my Little Maïs, or Corn, in English. Parkinson has parked MoM for four or five weeks, in a geriatric unit of MTL University, to adjust her intake of medications; meanwhile, my dad rented an unit on the 15th floor of a residence for the golden age.

§ 3. I sure wish they’ll soon be together, back into their lovely home.

§ 4. Here’s a video of my mom, done during my visit with her; we don’t quite hear what she says, but I now know how to resolve that, next time, soon. I’m learning.


My First Video on YouTube: My MoM

March 2008

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SPRING IS COMING and so is Easter

§ 1. These ongoing holidays are coming to an end; a teacher I know went to Florida with his family for a month, within his parental holidays; yet another ESL teacher went to Cuba, though, just for this ending winter break; I, my mate and I, went nearly nowhere: the only activity I concentrated on, à temps perdu, is the correction of students’ ±8 written productions x ±150 students, thus 1200 productions, and the compilation of their results, upto the winter break, all that, though my contract ended last Friday…

§ 2. So far, I completely finished two groups on five; today, I suppose, I must continue with the other three groups. It’d be nice to end it all today, especially that starting Monday, I must switch my pedagogical attention onto my next task: until Easter Friday, 170 secondary IV students will be led into their ESL learning, by me, serving the class menus, which their teacher Fred has put in, or rather on, the oven: his desk, in the ESL teachers’ quarters.

§ 3. As for each precise serving instructions, 6 classes x 6 groups, I’m waiting to receive them through em@il. In fact, it’s a good thing, Fred hasn’t yet sent them: it allowed me to concentrate, à temps perdu, on my corrections, for the sake of evaluating the students.

§ 4. It will be nice to get back to sec. IV students and to only one classroom: I won’t have to quickly pack my stuff so as to make room for the next teacher and quickly unpack it, while I answer to entering students’ questions, prepare my blackboard and its menu, and set up my class plans, photocopies to distribute, and so on…

Yes, I must end my works today, for my last contract and, starting tomorrow, Sunday, I must start getting into my next task. As for today, corrections are calling me, after breakfast.


Winter Break

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Corrective Evaluation: it’s ro-o-olling

§ 1. The five weeks or month I just spent with secondary III students stretched from 2008jan22 to 2008fev22; moreover, I still have corrections to finish up during vacations; furthermore, I must compile all those marks for ±150 students, so that the teacheress I replaced have some data for the next report card.

§ 2. After this week-long winter break, I’m switching to Fred’s secondary IV students until Easter; the secondary III’s teacheress may or may not come back: if not, someone else will inherit her task, until Easter; if the teacheress doesn’t come back after Easter, I might get her students back: that could go on until the end of the school year…

§ 3. Considering I’m already scheduled for most of March 2008 and that I’ve been at Jean-De-Brébeuf eversince the beginning of December 2007, those three, four months of teaching were more profitable in many ways than my replacements here and there, in November, and in the slow month of October, my first month, especially that from now on, everyday I work counts towards the 180 needed to be on the list of precarious teachers, rather than just being on the list of occasional substitute teacher…

§ 4.


Happy 2008 heureux

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2008 rat year

2008: Year of the Rat

On Feb 6, 2008, starts the year of the Rat and thus ends the ongoing year of the Pig.

Today, I must finish my correction of a summary written so far by over 100 students on the episode The Hunting Party of the Lost series..

On new year’s day, I inst@lled the Wiki Terpsichore for Frederic Kunderlik’s 167, sec IV, ESL students at Jean-de-Brébeuf high school. I start the 3rd étape with them next week and likely will end it too, the first three weeks of March…

I wish YOU a happy 2008!
DjO vous souhaite un heureux 2008 !



On Chimps, Humans and Teddy Bears

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chimpFive years old Chimps beat their mothers and human University students, within memory tests involving numbers from 1 to 9, is @nnounced today, 2007dec03, throughout the Web. I think that maybe it shows that chimps, as other animals, are more concentrated on the reality they are conscious of, and also that they can learn numbers and thus, be conscious of them, and also, memorise visual sequences of those numbers, as shown on a computer screen…

Animals, like chimps, are not busy thinking as we, humans, do, of matters, like paying the rent, writing on blogs, the upcoming Christmas Holidays, not using Holy names in vain, and so on; animals are more (concentrated on the) here and now than we are, even in memory tests, it seems.



So, this past week or two, went on the saga of that British grade school teacher who was using a curriculum based on animals and their habitats: excellent idea. A classroom teddy bear appeared within that project and the pupils suggested names and finally voted to give it the name of M., the Holy prophet of Islam; many people actually bear that name, even though it’s The Prophet of Islam’s name; however, teddy bears don’t. Unfortunately, a disgruntled employee of the same school complained to local authorities that the precious name had be given to a Teddy Bear! Thus, the Teacheress was arrested, charged, condemned, incarcerated, threatened of death by mobs of thousands, and finally forgiven by the Highest Authority of Sudan and also deported, all that within two weeks or so!

I bet you that she won’t forget her assignment in Sudan for a while!

Chimps couldn’t teach to grade school students, and neither would they understand the religious intolerance shown by mankind in the teddy bear story…

My 50 years old panda teddy bear is watching me, from his one eye; even after 50 years, I never gave him a name: I don’t think I will: that way, I’m sure I won’t offend anyone…