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Premiere tempête de neige à Mistissini ?

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new moon frost moon

Finalement, il n’y a eu que trois, quatre pouces de neige, et ce mercredi, 2008nov05, elle avait toute fondue…

D’après météo média pour Mistissini, on attendrait possiblement une première tempête de neige à Mistissini, tout comme ailleurs au QC… Déjà, la semaine dernière, le 22 octobre 2008, la région de Charlevoix et la Réserve faunique des Laurentides ont goûté à leur première neige… Heureusement, nous ne sommes que dans Lune du gel ; il reste encore une lune pour celle des Longues neiges : c’est à voir !

meteo Mistissini 2008oct28

Le trois fait le mois

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moyen moineaultM. Moyen Moineault

usually writes in English, though sometimes in Spanish, but the title of this @rticle cannot truly be translated, for ‘the third makes the month’ doesn’t rhyme as « trois et mois » do: detail, detail, detail!

Moreover, some sayings are shallow: how could the third day of any month be as the rest of the month? It’s like the French expression, « avoir d’autres chats à fouetter », which means that you have other cats to whip, or rather, other things to do! Who wants to whip a cat? They’re such little, cuddly, purring cuties: thus I prefer saying that I have other cats to tickle, which kind of rhymes, in French: « j’ai d’autres chats à chatouiller… »

All that to say that there are sayings, songs or proverbs, deep or shallow, that are quite tricky to translate, even though, nowadays, translating is @ccessible through multilingual online translators, as this guy:

translator traducteur opens in new window

Well, got other kitties to tickle…

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155 Irregular Verbs

§ 1. As ESL teacher, I should have known, but I didn’t; there seems to be (at least) 155 irregular verbs in English. I don’t know how many lists of those irregular verbs list exist, on the Web or elsewhere, but I felt like making just another one, anyway.

§ 2. Lists of irregular verbs are like multiplication tables: memory is involved and there seems to be no end to them. Nonetheless, meta pedagogues say that a student learns better, if he feels that the work he needs to perform to acquire or master a competency is reasonable, possible or feasible…

§ 3. Is giving students lists of unnumbered irregular verbs all piled up in a block and printed really small, so as to fit into one 8½ x 11″ sheet, like pressing a delicious spaghetti into a block or a ball, so as to save space in a plate?

§ 4. Thus, I assume that grouping the 155 counted verbs 10 x 10 would make the global list more digestible and manageable and by the students and by the teachers: for example, if I teach a three-week long ESL class this summer, I’ll see the students 15 times; thus we must proceed at least 10 verbs a day, to go through them all.

§ 5. I’m thinking of a daily writing moment, during which the students write sentences that make sense, using 10 irregular verbs; I see it as a project, which would lead to a booklet, folder, or binder for each student, just on them once pell-mell, indigestible iRRRegulaRRR veRRRbs: something they’d like to keep for the rest of their lives or even give to their grand children… :lol: Doesn’t that irregular verb problem have to be dealt with soon or later?

§ 6. So, through some precious feedback, I crafted a user-friendly Web p@ge; no, I didn’t reinvent the wheel, but I now know that, WITHOUT www, le@ds to a simple alphabetical list of 155 English irregular verbs, regrouped 10 x 10.


Skype + Vonage

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Another reason to have a PC?


Since I wrote this, I discovered magicJack, a much cheaper, though not yet perfect, telephony solution…

§ 1. will tell you all about Vonage IP phones. Unfortunately, they don’t work with MACs, so far

AJOUT ADD-UP: 2008avr24, we received our V-Phone yesterday: unfortunately, V-Phones DON’T work with MACs AND they DON’T seem to really work with VISTA either. I had read about it on vonage’s website, but it mentionned a solution, which nevertheless DOESN’T work. Therefore, we will annulate our activation and simply send them back their stuff… My conclusion is that they SHOULDN’T sell their V-Phones to people with VISTA! EVEN VONAGE AGREES WITH ME!

v phone§ 2. This ‘V-Phone‘ has the size of USB keys! Wikipedia explains that Vonage also offers a USB phone adapter (called a “V-Phone “) that runs a soft-phone application on the computer, and with internet access, gives it a fully functional and portable telephone with access to the worldwide telephone network.

§ 3. Indeed, with neither electricity nor a broadband Internet connection, it doesn’t work; apart from that, you have a phone you may carry anywhere for $20 a month + tax. That includes unlimited in-calls and 500 minutes of calls, anywhere in Canada or the USA. Additional minutes are at 5¢; at 501 minutes, we then could use Skype at 2.5¢.

§ 4. Unanswered incoming calls simply go to the VoiceMail Box; the panoply of other usual phone functions is also included. We ordered our first V-Phone last Wednesday, for less than $100: that includes the V-Phone, shipping, activation, our number transferred, etc. Once functional, we’ll be able to add another phone, and phone #, for $15 a month + ?$… We’ll keep you posted!

¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤

Since I wrote that, I discovered magicJack, a much cheaper, though not yet perfect, telephony solution, @t $20 a year + $30 for the delivered magicJack, ready to @ctivate…

magicJack VOIP Phone

. + = ± Laptop Phone

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, April 12th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Phone me up on my laptop

§ 1. is a phone system, which allows you to phone or WebC@m other Skype users’ computers, for free; moreover, you may phone out to any phone number, by buying Skype Credit: that costs $14, which gives you, they say, about 9 hours of use. They supply you instantaneously a short and clear written report for each call, in or out. In-calls cost nothing!

§ 2. also sells numbers, to which other people could call you, but not in Canada; however, I did discover a possible solution to that problem: there’s a company called< , from whom you may ‘buy’ a local phone number: in QC, there are phone numbers available in Montreal and Quebec City. When someone dials that number, a Quebec City #, my laptop gets the call, if my Skype’s on, of course. That cost me $5 to open up a file and then $5 a month, for three months, thus, $20.

§ 3. Since I’ve been writing this ‘@rticle’ over the past few days, I can now acknowledge that Friday, Thursday and Wednesday, for a couple of hours each day, around the second half of the afternoon, upon calling the phone # I was given, I’d get a busy signal. I had unplugged twice or thrice the power to my WiMax modem, so maybe, that had, has a causal link…

4, I do have three months to continue watching how useful and effective can be or is. Indeed my HP laptop and Wimax modem have to be on, thus plugged in, so as to get calls in, when the # does work and it does work, sometimes… However, it seems that today again, Saturday, 2008avr12, after 15h, it didn’t work; nevertheless, if it does work in the morning, and that everyday, it thus could be useful to be reached for teaching. We’ll see, but I likely won’t renew; for sure I’ll keep looking for better solutions… 17h43: this time it worked.

§ 5. All that makes me more mobile than ever, though still restricted by electricity…

Add-Up 2008mai22: finally, apart from possible WebCam convers@tions with Skype, as far as basic telephony goes, one is much better with

magicJack VOIP Phones

 ¤ ¤ ¤


This Blog is 100% XHTML 1.0 Proof

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 at 9:12 am

Validate XHTML 1.0 Transitional in new window


@rticle #101 : XHTML 1.0 @t 100%

§ 1. Just like Wikini Wikis, WordPress Blogs, as this 2.2.2 version, run under XHTML 1.0 Transitional codes; I just spent a few hours cleaning up up this whole blog into 100% proof XHTML. That being done, from now on, I’ll just have to keep on coding clean XHTML; in order to achieve that, I added this link, Validate This Blog’s XHTML 1.0, to this blog’s footer.

§ 2. As some might already know, the W3C is the Consortium that rules the Web’s l@nguages, like HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0. Following their norms is just making sure we’ll be understood by Web 2.0 browsers.

§ 3. On this April Fools’ Day 2008, I’m awaiting for my new laptop, which I bought online from; they em@iled me right away that delivery would be today, between 9 and 5. It’s 9h09 and I’m quite excited about that new tool, not to say, toy. Needless to say, the earlier they deliver, the more time I’ll have to work on discovering that laptop, I should have bought years ago, if I consider how nice it would have been to take notes on a laptop, throughout my B.A. and M.A.

§ 4. Nevertheless, it’s okay that I just buy it now, for laptops are getting cheaper and more powerful than ever. I’m in a state of Pure Wonder, when I consider the 320 Go Hard drive I’ll hopefully soon get, if I compare that to my actual Windows 98, with its 4 Go! Not to speak of my actual Live Memory of 32 MB, compared to the 2 Go, extensible to 4, that will have my new laptop!

§ 5. It’s 9h55 and I’m still waiting; I might have to do so, until 17h…Since I had to make myself unavailable for substitute teaching, for this whole day, I sure hope the treatment I’ll get from, will be more, let’s say, professional, than the treatment I got from the Towers of BaBell.On February 25, 2008, I ordered from BaBell a laptop and also a WiMax @ccess, but more than a month later, they never did deliver the merchandise: I was switched from departement to departement, I was told contradictory statements and I finally lost six or seven hours or more, trying to resolve the problem, but without any concrete results. Our order exists, but it was never executed, sometimes for a reason, other times, for other reasons; needless to say, I’ve been Bell’s customer for ±15 years, but, even that didn’t help.

6. It’s past 10h; I’m a bundle of nerves, as if I was waiting for my parents to get up, so as to unpack my presents, on a X-mas morning; I listen to every sound coming from our quiet street; the delivery truck should contrast with the usual silence or quietness… I guess, for me, this year, Christmas will be on April Fools’ Day: I hope! I wait! I can’t wait!!

13h50, I received my laptop an hour or so ago. I’m actually connected to the Web through this new computer


NewTool BéBell: 0 BureauEnGros: 100%

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My Brand New Laptop

§ 1. On 2008fev25, I HAD ordered from Bell, both the laptop computer and the movable WiFi Internet @ccess, presented here below. However, more than a month later, Bell never did deliver the merchandise! It is stocked in the labyrinth of a bureaucratic Monster! We just can’t recommend BéBell as trustworthy!

§ 2. The delivery was supposed to be within 10 work days and thus, I had dreamed that I would have received it by the end of the following week. I had watched someone else’s similar HP Pavilion laptop, one evening, and I had been overwhelmed by the depht of the images, while watching a DVD, or else, by what PowerPoint became 10 years later. Moreover, the integrated WebCam was totally astonishing!

§ 3. 2008mar29 ADD-UP

Finally, to get my laptop, I cross my fingers and touch wood, I ordered one from Right away, I received an em@il, which confirmed my order, plus the date of its delivery. Therefore, I score Bell with a ‘0′ and Bureau en gros with a 100%, especially if they deliver on April Fools Day, as promised in their em@il… Here’s my new laptop’s description…

¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤


And Life Goes On

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What’s Next?

Including yesterday, 2007jan14, so far, I have worked for the School board, 29 days on the last 46, thus better than every other day; since hired, I have worked 31 days on 65 work days, thus nearly 1 day / 2. Indeed, within those statistics, the first month was quite slow

I must say that I feel a certain stress, from not knowing where I might (have) wind (ed) up, or not, today, yesterday or tomorrow, even though I do have two replacements to do, Thursday and Friday and even though, I likely will teach again at Jean-De-Brébeuf High school for three weeks at the beginning of March.

Last week, as I was finishing my (too) short three weeks contract, three schools phoned me up for substitute teaching, but I couldn’t go, since I can’t be at two places at the same time. However, this week, yesterday, and so far, this morning, the phone stayed silent…

Sunday, I applied for a five-week contract, not too far from Quebec City. The contract starts next week and would take me to the spring break and thus to my next contract at Jean-de-Brébeuf. Nevertheless, I’d likely have to rent in that town for that month, especially that we’re in winter; furthermore, working in another school board won’t be counted within my time done at the De La Capitale School Board… However, If they did hire me, I’d likely accept…

As for my three past weeks at Jean-de-Brébeuf, I sure invested a lot of time into preparing my ‘Wiki Project’: The last day at Jean-De-Brébeuf, a student asked me what I did on New Year’s day: what I forgot to tell him, because I didn’t remember that day, is that on New Year’s day 2008, I spent the whole day installing their Wiki, as needed, even though I didn’t event know if the Computer lab would be available, the following, first week of classes! Fortunately, the lab was free! Should we call that pure luck or a blessing? Only God knows

Moreover, on New Year, I created a UserName and a password for each of the 167 students: it took me more or less 14 hours, if I remember well. However, out of the six groups, only four had time available to transcribe their summaries, written in class and which I corrected during the ‘vacations’: the other two groups got late in the menu, because of the December snow storm and because of the Christmas activity day. Therefore, last week, those two groups finally watched Lost’s episode The Hunting Party, took notes, then hand wrote a summary.

Distributing the passwords to each student was also part of the deal. I printed their user names and their passwords very small. Then, for each group, I made a tiny ‘hardcover book’. As the students came in before class, they came to my desk to pick up their corrected summaries, which I had previously placed in alphabetical order of first names: with the summary, I gave each student her or his password, cut off from the list. I could have written or pasted the password on their corrected summary, but then anyone could have related the UserName and the password: a tiny paper with tiny fonts and the sole password seemed more discrete and safe.

In this im@ge, the UserNames’ fonts are much bigger the actual paper version:

password distribution


Merry Christmas 2007

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joyeux noel santa

It takes an American to crucify Santa for Christmas: in Washington state, a man called Art Conrad did so, to protest against the excessive commercialisation of Christmas, which, once upon a time, was the supposed celebration of Jesus’ birth.

In fact, does nowadays Christmas’ materialism lead to Jesus’ suffering on a man made cross again? Doesn’t the purchase of presents, paid with one’s own hard earned cash translate into Christ’s teaching to Love one another? Don’t the family gatherings resemble Christ’s Last Supper? And what about the pretty decorations and the colorful lights, don’t they also bring a divine touch?

Medias lead us to think we’re above paegan celebrations like rejoycing because days are now getting longer or partying because this is the Moon of the Renewal of the Earth! We assume that all’s fine in the best of worlds, that the economy is rolling, that we share the Christmas spirit…

But what about all the lonely people, those who die with their names as their sole companion, as the Beatles sing? For example, one third of Montrealers live alone; how many of those will see their family today, exchange presents or share a meal? On the other hand, how many people will bust their credit cards, just to impress upon their family or friends that they live a successful, wealthy life and are of a generous nature? If only Spring could get here.

Blue White Tuesday :: Day 48

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Day 48: 16 Days Worked = 1 / 3

As of today, I’ve worked 14 days on the last 29; I likely won’t work today: it’s past 10h30 and I got no call. However, I have Friday morning already scheduled at St-Louis Adult Center: thus, I could also teach in the afternoon at the Neufchatel High School, which is nearby.

By Friday, 2007dec07, DAY 51: at least 17 days worked / 51 = 1 / 3. I’ll also have worked at least 15 days on last 32, thus less than one on two: 1 / 2. However, on Friday, DAY 51, if I work Wednesday or Thursday, I do hit 1 / 2, the last 32 work days + 10, before Christmas holidays: only 13 days left, as of today.

What else? Yesterday’s heavy snow Storm hit Qc, Qc with over a foot of light snow and strong winds: Qc, QC’s three school boards closed all their schools: therefore, I didn’t count yesterday as a work day: today, 2007dec04, thus is, was WORK DAY 48; it’s now 11h.

§ 4