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Day 40 :: Discipline or Repression?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 1:56 pm

According to my Wiki, I’ve worked 12 days on 39, since I was hired on 2007sep21; however, these past four weeks, I worked every other day… Last Thursday and Friday, according to my Wiki, I taught again at the Neufchatel High School, however, nobody called yesterday, Monday; as for today, in a few minutes, or in a couple of hours, I’ll find out if I’ll be working today, Tuesday, 2007nov20, my 40th possible working day. Nonetheless, I do have work scheduled for this upcoming Thursday, or Day 42, at the St-Louis Adult Center. That is to say, that if I work today OR tomorrow, I’ll have worked 14 days on 42, this upcoming Thursday, or a day on three; considering that my first month was very slow, I’m quite happy, since my teaching carreer is actually rolling….

I now must get fully ready in case I’m called today; I won’t write that I’ll keep on writing later on, since sometimes, from a phone call, things go quite fast and no time is left to write here… And, I don’t always have much energy left, so as to write, after a day of work… We’ll see :o

Discipline or Repression?

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Did I Save Lives or Just Hers?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

Yesterday afternoon, after my two periods substitute teaching at Neufchatel High School, more or less at dusk, I walked towards my bus stop, heading home. When I got to De L’Ormière street, the light was red, thus I waited with other people, mostly students from the High school: about a dozen of us were waiting for the green light…

Back in time, more than forty years ago, after having lunch at home, and on the way back to school, I was also waiting for the green light, this time with a girlfriend of mine, with whom I often walked to school: I really liked her, because she was quite friendly and even let me carry her books and stuff. So, we’re waiting for that green light together and at the very moment it appeared, she surprisingly said: “first one on the other side”, as she started running; however, a red car, a big car, like they made them in the 60’s, unfortunately didn’t respect its red light and whammed, whacked or bashed into my friend: after the first ugly impact noise, she was thrown onto the car’s hood, she smashed into the windshield, rolled on the roof and off the car’s trunk; then, she started running home, through a nervous reaction, screaming: “mommy, mommy, mommy”! We never saw her again. Since my mom was the kind of mom who wanted to preserve her children’s childhood, I was never told what happened to my friend, but, as I said, we never did see her again.

That event has marked me forever: since then, every time I wait for a green light and see it, I never, ever start crossing the street, without having well looked in all directions. Yesterday was no exception to that self-imposed rule and, as I wrote above, a dozen of us were waiting for the green light. The orange light appeared for the flowing traffic, precursor to our green light, and then on my left, I saw an ASSHOLE, with a woman in the passenger seat, who decided that he was too good or too hot to wait for a whole red light, and therefore “burnt” it: when we drive we should foresee possible events, like the likelihood that the dozen people waiting for their green light will jump into the street, as soon it turns green, some of them without even looking left, right or behind.

Good thing teachers aren’t shy and (should) know how to throw their voices, because if I hadn’t yelled, particularly to that one girl who was ahead of everyone, and, hadn’t she jumped back towards the sidewalk, as others also did, she or maybe even a few others would have been hit by that idiot: if ever that creep reads this, or any others with his style of driving, I want him and them to know that in order not to wait for one poor little red light, he played with adolescents’ lives! I sure wish I had time to think of noting his license plate…

Finally, we all got safely to the other side of the street; as we were waiting for our buses, that one adolescent, who was even closer to death than others, said to me something like: “I’m still shaking and my heart is rambling”; I answered, though not in details as above, that once upon a time I saw my young friend get hit, after we had been waiting for our green light and that there was no way, I would want to live that again. I could have turned my eyes away from the scene and plug my ears, so as to not hear the thumping noise of broken bones and smashed flesh, but I took the right decision and swiftly and instinctively reacted, thus saving a life or lives: God knows.

Day 30 :: To Work or not to Work

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 at 1:17 pm

Yesterday, Monday, 2007nov05, was a pedagogical day in the School board’s 12 high schools. Today, Tuesday, thus is the 30th day, during which I might work or not as a substitute teacher. It’s now 5 in the morning.

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of time in my 12 Wikis: I thus can say this morning that my Wikis respect even more the W3C’s XHTML regulations than Wikini’s Wiki itself! I had noticed a few weeks ago, that my Wikis didn’t validate with W3C’s XHTML evaluator anymore, due to an evolution in the encoding requirements: right after the “doctype declaration”, and just before the “head”, there was the code (html), which “declares open the HTML power”; I had to change that “html” into (html xmlns=”” xml:lang=”en” lang=”en”), between “< ” and “>”, rather than parentheses…

For example, my p@ge on XHTML in all of my Wikis, now is perfectly respectful of W3C’s XHTML norms: see or any other pages in the Wiki… I find it important that my Wikis be XHTML proof, because that way, anyone working in one of my 12 Wikis can validate their encoding, without hitting a notice due to the basics of the Wiki, rather than from their own possible mistakes: since what’s clear to me may not be so to a neophyte, might as well keep it cle@n and simple…

It’s now past 6h30 and I must get ready to go…

Neufchatel 2007oct30

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Thursday, November 1st, 2007 at 8:07 pm

Algonquins Peuple invisible

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Le documentaire Peuple invisible de Richard Desjardins et Robert Monderie est présenté par différentes instances journalistiques ; tous les liens dans la liste s’ouvrent dans une nouvelle fenêtre.

Day 21: No Work Again!

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 at 3:17 pm

It’s 7h30; I’m ready to go: I’d just love that while I’m writing this, the phone rings! However, as minutes go by, my chances to be called diminish. Earlier, I corrected my previous “@rticle” with the ESL corrector I did find a couple of spelling errors and I even found an error within the system told me that the “versa” of the “vice versa” Latin expression was wrong; however, I checked it in my French English dictionary and even in my Collins Cobuild English dictionary and “vice versa” is French and English. Therefore, I signaled it by em@il to Terri and Stéfan, the two professors behind a couple of hours later Stéfan sent me an em@il to let me know he had added versa to the system. On peut donc dire qu’il versa « versa » au correcteur :-)

That is one the strengths of Another strength of that correcting system is that it’s online, thus freely available if you’re on the Web… Yet, another good point is that it doesn’t correct errors by a simple click: one has to read an explanation or find the right word within a list of suggestions and then write it, which can only help to learn the right way to write it. Let’s add that it’s free, although there is a Pro version, for only $15: that $15 can surely be seen as a way to participate to that great project: as a matter of fact, one may try out that Pro version for free. I haven’t yet, since I’m quite happy with the free version and since working two days a month doesn’t give you the kind of budget, which would make one feel, let’s say, philanthropic…

Since I introduced, I might as well now mention their French corrector,, which more or less functions the same as those two Web Writing tools are great learning help and I hope they’ll st@y online forever! Lastly, may I mention that those two helpers are available through my Djools Bl@ck, amongst other tools…

It’s 8h30; nobody called me for substitute teaching. So, I’ll keep on working on what I started yesterday: I’m preparing an updated paper version of my CV, which I’ll bring to the local employment center, where I can photocopy for free various copies, which I’ll take directly to the schools’ directors, since my 2007oct02 em@il doesn’t seem to have worked too well, in order that I may work enough to bring home sufficient bread, butter and jam…

Djools Bl@ck :: 9 Web Writing Tools

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Ce qui suit n’est pas ici :-) c’est plutôt un “iframe”, 455 px de large par 333 px de haut, contenant un tableau de 422 px de large, lui-même contenu dans la p@ge Wiki, que j’ai b@tie dans le but spécifique de l’insérer ici…

WordPress 2.2.2

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Commentaire laissé sur le blogue de Sylvain

En effet, je viens, en fouill@nt, de trouver un blogue,, comme exemple d’un blogue WordPress, dont l’@ccès restreint est présenté par ce texte :

This blog is protected, to view it you must log in.
If you don’t have a account, you can get one in seconds.

Ensuite, j’ai trouvé le « coupable » : comme WordPress est une m@trice blogue Open Source, tous et chacun peuvent modifier la source et y rajouter ses @méliorations, dont certaines classifiées comme « Plugins ». Par défaut, une m@trice de blogue WordPress, du moins la version 2.2.2, vient avec seulement deux plugins ; qui plus est, ils ne sont même pas activés. C’est le m@itre du blogue qui peut en importer d’autres et les inst@ller. En fait, il y en a 1,046 de ces plugins

C’est ainsi que Andrew Hamilton a créé le plugin “Members Only” : Members Only is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to make your blog only viewable to visitors that are logged in

Donc le coupable, ce n’est pas WordPress, mais plutôt le m@itre du blogue X, qui choisit d’installer le plugin “Members Only”. Bien sûr, à la l@rgeur qu’a le Web, je ne m’enregistrerai pas pour voir un blogue, alors qu’il y en a des milliers d’autres qui offrent un libre @ccès, comme le mien @ : un blogue WordPress 2.2.2, que j’ai inst@llé dans mon dom@ine à la toute fin de l’été et que j’@dore, d’autant plus que j’ai longtemps dépendu de, et autres systèmes gratuits, qui hébergent des blogues ; WordPress également permet d’inst@ller gratuitement un blogue sur leurs serveurs, mais j’@pprécie énormément d’être chez moi @ C’est un peu pour tout ça que j’ai volé à la défense de WordPress, un système blogue Web 2.0 vraiment m@gik.

Pour en revenir au plugin “Members Only” je peux comprendre qu’on veuille empêcher des commentaires indésirables, mais restreindre l’@ccès à un blogue est démesuré et n’encourage évidemment pas à y @ccéder ; mais c’est peut-être précisément ce que veulent les m@itres des blogue XYZ, qui ont inst@llés ce Plugin. Pour ma part, je me suis importé deux plugins : un qui permet au visiteur de prévisualiser son commentaire, ce qui, à mon sens est essentiel et convivial, et l’autre, qui oblige le commentateur à prouver qu’il est humain, en répondant à une simple addition, du genre 7 + 5…

@+ Djeault, DjO. 2007sep30.

En attendant That First Call

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Friday, September 28th, 2007 at 2:00 pm

Ma douche est prise ; je suis prêt à décoller, au cas où entrerait mon premier appel pour faire de la suppléance et il est 7h15. Possiblement aussi que je m’énerve le pompon, vu que je n’ai toujours pas reçu la documentation, les formulaires à remplir, qui finaliseront mon embauche par la Commission scolaire de la Capitale ; par contre, je sais que cette « paperasse » est partie mercredi matin et j’espère donc la recevoir aujourd’hui, vendredi 2007sep28, avant la fin de semaine…

Attendu que je me lance présentement dans une aventure qui risque de durer pendant douze ans, je me dis que petit train va loin et qu’à un moment donné la roue va bien se mettre à tourner ; si ce n’est pas aujourd’hui, ce sera lundi, ou la semaine prochaine. N’empêche que si le téléphone sonne dans les prochaines minutes, je ne sais pas trop comment décrire l’émotion renversante qui me traversera… Il est maintenant 7h43 ; je continue d’attendre ; que se passera-t-il dans la prochaine heure ? :-|

Saviez-vous que Radio Basse-ville, à chaque matin de la semaine diffuse des « super bonnes tounnes » en continu, et en anglais, en français et en espagnol ? Sûrement une bonne façon de se réveiller les neurones langagiers et musicaux. et de faire passer le temps ; il est 7h55 ; il est 8h ; toujours rien : oh well.

Who s DjO?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 at 8:49 pm

joseph deneault 2007sep01Diplômé 2002 de l’Université Laval, avec quelques A et A+, dans le baccalauréat de quatre ans, en enseignement de l’anglais, langue seconde, dans le profil international, lequel inclue aussi l’enseignement de l’espagnol, Joseph Deneault a donc obtenu le 17 juillet 2002 son brevet du QC pour enseigner l’anglais, langue seconde, et l’espagnol, langue étrangère, aux niveaux primaire et secondaire. Ensuite, dès le début 2003, Joseph Deneault, Djeault, DjO, le nanoM@itre, entreprend une maîtrise en technologie éducative qui le mène au grade de maître és arts en technologie éducative, en mai 2005.

Pour l’année scolaire 2007-2008, il offre ses services, à Québec, QC : ainsi, le lundi, 2007sep17, il passe une entrevue à la CS de la Capitale ; le vendredi suivant, 2007sep21, le premier jour d’automne, il apprend que sa candidature a été acceptée pour enseigner l’anglais, langue seconde, au secondaire ou aux adultes.

Conséquemment, DjO ai mis mon CV à jour, ce 2007sep25, et,

conséquemment, DjO ai l’intention de publier ici, dans ce tout nouveau blogue JosephDeneault Djeault DjO Blog, ce que sera ma vie d’enseignant, suppléant, remplaçant, ces prochains jours, mois, voire 12 ans.

@ +