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djo djeault plays tekno kongas

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djeault plays techno congas

2008-08-28 @t 00h 00m 28s

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I (finally didn’t) Quit Smoking Tobacco!


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muse erato§ 1. Muse Erato is my Green Muse of Musik who inspires my Wednesdays; indeed that wasn’t a scientific statement, but rather a poetic one. In fact, I feel like writing, but I don’t quite know what I should write about and I wouldn’t want people to think I write amphigouris full of galimatias.

§ 2. Muse Erato oblige, to nourish my writing, I iTuned into Carlos Santana’s R@dio St@tion; directly on the Web, I’ve recently often been tuning into Iceberg R@dio St@tion.

§ 3. Then, salmon in sauce and potatoes were served and The Simpsons, in French, then, the NeWs, in English, rolled on; then a movie started and I still don’t know what to write about…

§ 4. In the movie, I’m watching, in French, the protagonist had a dream, in which she could hear people think; then, full awake, the ‘crown attorney prosecutor detective’ realises that she really does hear other people’s thoughts; all that, after a shock on the head… And, the rest of the movie builds on that…

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My 54th Year on Earth Begins Tomorrow!

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My 53rd year on Urantia nearly is over

§ 1. Around an hour after midnight, during the (two) hours of the rat, on 2008mai22, the first moment of the Geminis, I’ll be turning 53… With 53 cards played since my birth during the ‘year of the wooden goats’, will this be my second year of the Djeault-ker, DjOker, Joker? This ending year saw me (finally) start my ESL teaching career; my Love and I renewed our year long lease to 2009jul01 and a ninth year together; my mom and dad are both running to complete their 87th year; I found a reasonably priced Web Host, who supplies me with 10 data bases, PHP, web-mail, etc.

§ 2. Therefore, with such technological support, apart from static 1.0 Web p@ges, with PHP, I now may run this blog and a Wiki F@rm… A couple of months ago, we paid our dom@in, until 2011mai25; we also paid our Web hosts in advance, until 2009mai25; I like feeling secure… In this past year, I also said goodbye to my oldie PC Windows 98 with its four, yes 4, GO hard drive and got married with a HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop, with a Vista system: simply, WoW!

§ 3. Moreover, this past year, after searching and proofing, I finally discovered magickJack, a VOIP telephony solution that undercuts all prices, @t $20 /year, for unlimited calls to VOIP, ground, or cell phones, anywhere in Canada and the USA and from anywhere in the wwWorld, where you may get a high speed Internet connection! As for the other VOIP system Skype, it cannot really receive calls, in Canada, except by an unreliable detour, which I wouldn’t recommend; nevertheless, Skype calls may be done free to and fro other Skype users, and that, using a WebCam, another inbuilt quality of my new HP wife…

§ 4. Furthermore, from wife to WiFi, this past year, I discovered nomad WiMax modems, which you may carry along in over 120 cities in Canada. That means I may now have my Internet connection, almost anywhere I do substitute teaching; that not only enables me to answer most ESL questions, but it also allows me to carry along passwords, user names and useful, pedagogical or not, files and folders… Indeed, I may now phone right from the classroom, or else, receive calls… This April, I was able to show my mom and dad that what was a dream in my childhood now turned real; we spoke on the phone with my human C-L wife and saw her pretty face on the screen!

§ 5. Apart from all that technology, I see through my window decorative apple blossoms ready to bloom into a pinkish pink birthday present; I love this time of the year, although in my childhood it snowed a couple of times on my birthday: one of those times, although I had the mumps, my mom let me quickly glimpse to the fallen and falling snow. Talking of my Mommy, indeed, tomorrow is also her birth-giving day: X X X to her for bringing me into this world, where I can listen to iTunes Radio st@tions from around the planet, as I write: THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU!


Live From Cardinal-Roy High School

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Yet Another Teaching Day

§ 1. Here I am, waiting for the first group of students to come in… It is about 8h10… Students just helped me to set up the video. They are going to be watching the movie School of Rock with Jack Black… After checking absent students, we started the video… They’re watching attentively and in silence: that’s good!

§ 2. They have to fill up a questionnaire; they may help each other, though only in pairs, but I asked them to wait after to babble and complete it in teams or not, just so they can hear the movie properly… Here’s what Wikipedia says about School of Rock. I’d think it’s a fine movie for secondary III students!

§ 3. When one replaces a teacher, one often leaves comments; since students are watching properly, why wouldn’t I be writing my comments in this blog, as I do now… Indeed, this would not be the place to write down the name of disturbing students, but I don’t see anything wrong with explaining that everything’s doing fine…

§ 4. The music of the movie is fun to listen to: Rock and Roll, indeed! Since they were all done with the questionnaire, 20 minutes before the end of class, I put on The Simpsons: The Movie, which I carry with me, in case of emergency... It’s an okay way to keep students into English, rather than just letting them do nothing or speak too much French, or get bored… The students actually had a few giggles and got to listen to English! I’m satisfied.

§ 5. The first pause in this school lasts 10 minutes; this second group had to remit a questionnaire, then work on prepositions in Unit IV of Time Out; some students worked seriously; others could have worked a little harder… I kind of had to encourage some of them quite a bit. 12 students were actually absent; I was told some of them have gone on a trip to New York.

§ 6. Since I don’t have a car, as usual, I kind of have to wait here for the fourth period, which only starts at 2h15, whereas the second period ended at 11. There are yet another two hours to go… Since I carry along my nomad Internet connection, at least I can listen to some music, keep on writing in this blog, check my em@ils, read Google NeWs or search the Web… Yes, there is a computer in the classroom, but I neither have the user name nor the password: therefore, it’s useless to me.

§ 7. So, I went for a little walk; it’s 13h15. My last group’s students today are at the secondary III level; as with the first group this morning, they are going to be watching School of Rock and are going to have to answer the same questionnaire. I’ll find out when they get here, where exactly they are at in the movie, which, I believe, they already started watching, according to the teacher’s instructions, which nevertheless don’t indicate exactly up to where, whereas she did so for the first group: however, that’s a minor problem…, especially if we compare it to the actually deteriorating situation of food aid organizations, due to high fuel costs, bad weather, and so on…

§ 8. Finally, the fourth and last class should start in ±10 minutes; this group has 23 students; let’s see how many will be there: 16! Some students of this group also have gone to New York… As usual, videos or movies keep the students quite attentive and interested: in fact, movies are kind of perfect stuff for substitute teachers… I personally find that watching movies puts the students into an anglophone surrounding, a bit like a trip to Toronto or New York. With this last group, I had to ask them to whisper if they wanted to help each other during the movie: I added that AFTER the movie, they are going to have time to do so…

§ 9. 15 minutes to go; all went fine: they’re finishing up the questionnaires and I just put The Simpsons on for the last ten minutes: that’ll keep them happy until 15h30… Well, time to pack up and be thankful for this other fine teaching day…

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Dot Ca + Dot Qc

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DJO.CA + DJO.QC :: 2008avr16

§ 1. Branchez-vous and also Canoë @nnounce that one million dot ca dom@ins now exist in Canada. The ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ou ACEI, l’Autorité canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet, takes care of dot ca dom@ins since 2000. We acquired the dom@in # 660936, on 2003mai31; we’re paid up until 2011mai31; as for our great, cheap but efficient Web Hosts, whose Web servers are in Switzerland, we’ve paid them up until 2009mai25.

§ 2. Since a few months or a couple of years, I forget, a search with DJO, in set in French, has been delivering a first pl@ce to DJO.CA, on 168,000,000 results. Indeed, who’s gonna do a search with DJO? 8O

§ 3. Still in the same domain, breaking NeWs let us know that PQ’s Daniel Turp requests from ICANN that be created the politico geographical extension, or top level domain, TLD, QC.

§ 4. Moreover, pour appuyer ses démarches auprès de l’ICANN, le député péquiste lance également, en collaboration avec le Mouvement national des Québécois, une pétition en ligne. :arrow:

Finally, on this 2008avr16, we hereby prerequest ICANN for the domain n@me djo.qc :roll: Here’s what I just sent to the ICANN

Quebec, QC, 2008avr16.

Dear ICANN People

As you know, a request for ‘dot QC’ or .qc, as geographical, top level domain extension has been presented. See:

We assume the ICANN will ±quickly @llow the existence of dot QC… Meanwhile, even though we cannot request a dom@in with an extension that doesn’t yet exist, we hereby wish to let you know that I, we, will apply for the dom@in n@me DjO.QC, as soon as possible.

We do own since 2003mai31; djo.qc would nicely pair.

Thanks for your attention

Joseph Deneault, for himself and Audrey Cloutier

Quebec, QC, 2008avr16.


Frank Zappa: Montana

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Over 10 minutes of FrankZappa live! The tune itself starts @ 3 min 44 sec… Before, Zappa speaks with the crowd, tunes up his guitar and presents the musicians…

Listen and Watch Zappa’s Montana Song

Read the lyrics

FireFox LapTops and Composer

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Wow! I just can’t believe I’m writing on a laptop!


Out of prehistory, he came

§ 1. I finally inst@lled Firefox onto this laptop; doesn’t beat Netscape, although these guys gave up their support for their browser a month ago; even so, I succeeded at finding the version 9.6, but it didn’t even have Composer; thus, I kept on searching until I found the 7.2 version. That’s what I’ll use along Firefox, which doesn’t have Composer as an inherent component.

§ 2. I’ve been transferring data, id, user names, passwords and such, and now I just realize there is an English corrector operational, as I write here. I don’t quite know if it’s Office 2007, or else Firefox, but it works. Par contre, si on écrit en français, c’est pas fort ! Thus, it’s useful, though only for English!

§ 3. I’ve been as in kind of an overwhelmed state of blissful shock, with all the operations needed to switch to this laptop and the power and features of this new tool, like this: music test. :-) I hope Neil Young will forgive me for this experiment…

§ 4. As a rule of thumb, it seems that a music file holds one Mo per minute ot Joy; thus, 4000 minutes of music could have filled up my 4 Go hard drive on my Windows 98: 4000 / 60 = barley 66 hours of music; however, with this laptop, with 320 Go, I’ll be able to relax myself a bit about the weight of each item I download, or install…


Foot of Snow + Winds = No School

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§ 1. I’ll be paid even though schools are closed, but I’ll be finishing my corrections for my last month with secondary three students, anyways: thus, I won’t feel that guilty; I’ll also have to adapt my schedule, until Easter, for the two lovely groups I was supposed to see today…

§ 2. Although some days I may see northwise, for miles and miles, today we can only see a couple of hundred feet away and even less, when the winds gust. I suppose global warming and spring approaching help creating a lot of snow: this winter is particularly exceptional. Driving today will drive you mad; it will give you spiders in the attic: please, DON’T!

§ 3. I couldn’t resist writing in my blog today, since I haven’t written in green for ages… Yes, Wednesdays I write in a green table, as this one, and dress in green, though not today: today, I’ll rather stay in blue and save a set of green clothes from a wash: great!

§ 4. I’m happy to get this three-week spree with Fred’s secondary IV’S, because I can confirm the difference in maturity: the six classes with Fred’s six groups went on perfectly seriously… Indeed, on top of that maturity, Fred’s discipline and the fact I taught Fred’s students before and after Christmas are quality ingredients for a smooth run onto Easter… I lo-o-ove teaching! :-)

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Green Test

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§ 1. I finally put this blog’s time a QC’s time, rather than Switzerland’s time, where our servers @re: in the Options Tab, I set the time at “-5″.

§ 2. Voilà

§ 3

§ 4