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(Not) Quitting Smoking Tobacco on 2008-08-28

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, August 20th, 2008 at 4:17 pm

I must do it and am going to, at 00h 00m 28s… :-)

But, I finally didn’t…

Joseph Deneault§ 1. They say that one should tell everyone about her or his decision to quit smoking; it thus engages one’s responsibility to keep up to one’s word, when the due date does come into effect… I’ve now been smoking for ± 44 years; in ten days from the moment I started writing this @rticle, over a few days, I’m going to quit and that, on August 22nd 2008, or 2008-08-22, which adds up to 22, a # with high vibrations, they say… Furthermore, I was born on May 22nd! It will be like starting a new tobacco-less life, like being born again, Christians love to say or write…

§ 2. Once, in the early 80s, I quit smoking tobacco for six months; I also quit ± 10 x 10 days of meditation sprees, but I started smoking again, just after each 10 days. I remember, just after one of those sessions, maybe my first one, when someone pulled out a cigarette pack, as we were cleaning the mediation center: I felt and observed a ‘current’ from my brain to the tip of my fingers, as my arm stretched out to grab; I then realized that I had felt that wishful action, thousands and thousands of times…

§ 3. On the eighth or ninth day of another session, on the day when we may start talking again, I also recall feeling numb, when I started talking, maybe from the nicotine stocked onto my vocal chords: it was just like when you smoke your first cigarette-s. Yes indeed, nicotine and tobacco are powerfully addictive, but the physical aspect of quitting isn’t all that bad; as I said above, I did cold turkey stop ± 10 times…

§ 4. For the first three or four days, I become quite lethargic: I sleep 18, 15, 12 hours a day; on the fourth or fifth day, vital energy flows back into my organism and my sense of smell comes back to life; it’s a pleasant inner experience, which could smoothly lead to a long-term stop to a REALLY BAD habit…

§ 5. When I was a child, my family Doctor, Dr. Archambault, not to name him, always had on his desk, his red cigarette pack of a company I won’t name and also an ashtray; adds suggesting that smoking tobacco was noble, charming and manly were plentiful! Nowadays, though, powerful lobbies have been crushing down on tobacco use and users, to an almost ridiculous extent.

§ 6. I wouldn’t want to write that smoking tobacco is a great, healthy habit that doesn’t stink; however, the consequences of smoking on people’s behaviour has absolutely nothing to do with what alcohol might provoke into people; now that cigarettes have to be hidden behind covers, those covers have become a space of advertising for alcohol companies: it’s ridiculous! Moreover, convenience stores offer walls of fridges filled with beers and wines with colorful labels all screaming: ‘buy me!’

§ 7. In fact, I’m sure that we’re not hitting the right nail, when I read Mario Asselin’s @rticle presenting his father’s final departure; alcoholic people tend to scare, hurt, and even disgust the people whom they love most, apart from many others and sometimes themselves… As far I’m concerned, the decision I took to abstain from any form of alcohol, over 14 years and eight months ago, was one of the most important, I ever took in my whole lifetime if not the most…

8. Nevertheless, taking that type of quality decision doesn’t even ensure that life will go on smoothly after that, or that one won’t lose her or his job or even the love of her or his life; life sometimes, even often, is quite a rough path; however, drinking up won’t make it any easier; as for not smoking anymore, it won’t solve all problems in my life, but at least it might solve that one.

9. So, two days ahead of 2008aut22, I published this @rticle, hoping it would help me to keep up with my word; we shall see! Finally, I’ll be honnest, it didn’t work on the 22nd; thus, I’m trying again on the 2008-08-28 at 00h 00m 28 s. = 11. :-)


Rainy Week Ahead, They Say…

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

How do Rain and BeLL Affect Substitute Teachers?

§ 1. As street hair wrapper for 15 summers and off and on hitchhiker for ±40, I was often recalled that bad weather can affect us greatly; it can even kill or scare us, change our mood, or get us wet, drowned or burnt! Weather’s Forever changing nature is overwhelming; whereas this last week of sunny, warmish days colored our days, grey is the forecast for the upcoming week….

§ 2. Since I can simply walk to many of the scools I may work at, rain likely will discolor my pants with street goo; heavy rain could get me soaked to the bones and smelly, even though I do have a raincoat; even worse, rainy days ahead could affect already overflowing rivers and creeks, but that is another story!

§ 3. Finally, one has to pray for rain to slack off, if one must walk from A to B :lol: Moreover, I don’t even know which school will require my services, this week: I may just be travelling by bus, anyway. Nonetheless, I, we, have a BIGger problem: it started this last Friday; once again, BéBeLL demonstrates its inefficient sluggishness: they inadvertently cut off our phone! I detail in my Wiki.

§ 4. Although with BéBeLL, delays often seem quite extensible, we hope our phone line, as promised, will be back on, tomorrow, Monday, since I’m on call… As a matter of fact, there’s a school’s caller who often phones me up on Sundays; I’ll be quite :x Xcited if I miss her or another call, today or tomorrow morning, or if someone phones us up and gets the message our phone # isn’t functional anymore and thus never phones us again!

§ 5. Two days later, our phone still isn’t reconnected, and they’re talking about Friday! Therefore, using Skype out, I phoned two schools’ callers and I em@iled another school and some ESL teachers; our saga with Bell is a real drag! I’m presently waiting for another IP phone and I feel that this one will be the right one…

6. Finally, we were without our home phone for a week; I’ll continue to think that our problem could have been resolved much faster


Mad Cow Deaths in QC?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 8:09 am

Hidden Bottom News and Iceberg Tips

§ This @rticle and that one, both in French, relate that two women might have recentely died from mad cow disease, in the Saguenay area, in QC. The pieces of News were at the very bottom of Quebec’s French Google News’ p@ge, but they soon disappeared from the p@ge. On TV, I heard no mention of it, neither on TQS, TVA, nor English CBC, although I might have missed it… Nonetheless, it’s the type of News, which likely doesn’t favour International Tradings of Meats! Indeed, it will take six months to get the official answers from the Lab analysis… Meanhile, officially, we may only suppose what really caused the degenerative, deadly symptoms of the victims.

Could those deaths be linked with the fact that au, in, en QC ; et, and, y Ontario, on nourrit les vaches laitières avec de la farine de sang ! we feed blood meal to dairy cows! ; ¡damos harina de sangre a las vacas lecheras!

click im@ge for full size new window


ruminant, bis, rumiante ; végétarien, vegeterian, vegetariano,
depuis de millénaires, for thousands of years, desde milenarios.

Le SANG est-il végétarien ? Is BLOOD vegetarian? ¿Es SANGRE vegetariano?

Donner de la farine de sang à des ruminantes, fondamentalement végétariennes depuis des millénaires et pourvoyeuses de notre lait quotidien, ne met pas à l’honneur l’intelligence écologique de Muse Eutherpe, d’autant plus qu’en Australie, en UK, aux US, on l’interdit.

Feeding blood meal to cattle, essentially vegetariens for milleniums and actual providers of our daily milk, doesn’t honor Muse Eutherpe, and is banned in Australia, UK, and USA.

Dar harina de sangre a las vacas, fundalmente vegetarienas desde milenarios y productores de nuestro leche diario, no da honor a la Musa Eutherpe, y además es prohibido en Australia, UK y USA.

moyen moineaultÐ j € å µ ¦ †, Ð j € å µ ¦ † , Djeault, Joseph Deneault, dit, dzit, ði:L’article numérisé, ci-haut, nous informe que le 2006oct31, Purina, business rolling as usual, a distribué 400 tonnes de farine de SANG, dans une centaine, 133, de ferme laitières, à ±3000 vaches, soit, en moyenne, quatre tonnes par ferme, et 266.666 livres par vache ; c’est énorme : une dose massive et continue ! Et, chemin faisant, ils pourraient les avoir contaminées dans des wagons ayant contenu des « ingrédients » pouvant causer la maladie, dite, de « la VACHE FOLLE ».En fait, l’article de Le Devoir présente le problème comme étant cette contamination, et non pas qu’il y aurait une quelconque problématique naturaliste, zoologique, écologiqueéthique, sociale, neurologique, logique, ou kinesthésique, dans le fait de nourrir avec du sang des ruminants végétariens , les vaches, qui fournissent en lait « le peuple et ses enfants » !!On dirait presque qu’on complote, sans coeur et myope, en nourrissant méthodiquement des vaches, ruminants végétariens, avec des ingrédients contre-nature, du sang, parce que les vaches produisent plus de lait, ce qui, à court terme, est plus profitable, conom¥quemen$ parlant.

Sauf qu’on reproduit sensiblement les techniques d’agriculture, américaine et britannique, du début des années 80, qui, en quelques années, ont rapidement causé l’encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine dans les cheptels, puis, chez les humains ; le même élément chimique, des trois, fondamentaux en agriculture, est contenu dans les farines de sang et de poisson : l’azote.Ce que l’on s’était mis à nourrir les vaches laitières, il y a ± 25 ans, c’était de la farine de poisson, riche en azote, alors qu’aujourd’hui, en Australie, en UK et aux US, c’est précisément à ces seuls poissons, qu’on doit nourrir la farine de sang. Plusieurs espèces de poissons sont carnivores ; les vaches, non !

Les nations québécoise et canadienne
devraient-elles donc suivre les exemples

des « .US. UK. AU »
et interdire de nourrir de la

farine de SANG aux vaches laitières du QC ?

LES .US, .UK, .AU ont tous interdits la farine de sang dans les rations accordées aux vaches laitières et autres ruminants : chèvres, chameaux, “cattle, sheep, goats, deer, buffalo, camels and camelids”, etc. Le CANADA, lui, en interdit l’importation des pays qui ne sont pas officiellement reconnus comme étant libre de l’encéphalopathie spongiforme bovine ; ainsi, ici-même, on continue de permettre d’écouler dans les rations pour les vaches laitières, des surplus de farine de sang possiblement, probablement créés par l’interdiction récente, aux USA, en 2004, et, en UE, en vigueur seulement depuis le 2006mai03…

However, “in the UK, the original feed ban was introduced in 1988 to prevent ruminant protein being fed to ruminants. In addition, it has been illegal to feed ruminants with all forms of mammalian protein (with specific exceptions) since November 1994 and to feed any farmed livestock, including fish and horses, with mammalian meat and bone meal (mammalian MBM) since 04 April 1996.”

Aider à résoudre de problème ?


Contacter votre député, le journaliste concerné, la vétérinaire concernée, Purina, la MAPAQ, son équivalent fédéral, etc.

Comment établir le cont@ct avec qui ? Coming up!
Faire une recherche pour découvrir les coordonnées de TLM !

Some References on the Subject


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  4. Government of Australia’s Web sp@ce:: @ccessed on 2006dec19
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a initialement construit cette p@ge Web, à Qc, QC, avec Netscape Composer 7.2, le mercredi, 2006dec20, puis, il l’a copiée et adaptée ici, le 2008mar16.

Good Bye 2007

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, December 29th, 2007 at 3:59 pm


I love writing in French; however, I’m an ESL teacher: that’s why I write mostly in English in this Blog, born this year 2007, in September. That way, I may send my students to any @rticle, for example, with the mandate to comment it: in fact, I might just do that the first week after the vacations, maybe.

Other than this blog, 2007 saw me hired as a High School level, substitute ESL Teacher, by De La Capitale School Board, on 2007sep21. Before that, all spring and summer, I drove Pâtisserie Anna Pierrot’s delivery van and packed in and out the goodies; in fact, during these ongoing school holidays, I deliver six mornings: sweet to see the team again and to eat lots of sweets.

This past summer 2007, I didn’t make one single hair wrap, although I did buy my yearly permit, which gives the right to get the 2008 permit: my 14th summer.

During the first half of 2007, I worked on my admission into the Master’s Degree in Translation and Terminology for fall session; I succeeded the admission exam, in May, with very good marks. Nevertheless, I finally offered my services to De La Capitale School Board, who convoked me to an interview, before the limit date to annulate one’s inscription without penalties, which I finally did!

Even though my first month was slow, since hired, I’ve now been working better than a day on two average; the last two weeks before the holidays and the first week after them, I have a full time replacement at this school, to which I may enjoy a ±4 km, or 40 minutes walk, in the morning, propulsed by the Salaberry Hill; it’s about the same time on the bus, anyway; moreover, I find it highly healthy to walk vigorously before teaching: it gets everything rolling; I see that same stimulating effect, when Group 47 students get into class after their athletic activities: they’re simply radiant and open to learning.

I’m quite happy that I likely will work with the same six Sec. IV ESL groups, the first three weeks of March, unless another replacement contract would make me unavailable. At the moment, I have a six-week gap to fill somehow, after my other week of teaching at Jean-de-Brébeuf, second cycle High school, after the present holidays.

Finally, in 2007, moved to Web servers in Switzerland. For the same price, instead of just hosting a basic Web 1.0 static Website, this company offers 10 Data Bases, 1 GO of content, PHP, unlimited subdomains, etc. That enabled me to cre@te a Wiki Farm and even this blog.



Day 56 : 23 /56 ; 21 / 37

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, December 15th, 2007 at 10:01 am

Dream Tasks

Well, I just had a great week; the kind of week that motivates me into teaching ESL. Indeed, the task I have, in fact Frédéric Kunderlik’s task, is a perfect one: first, it’s a full one; second, all students have the same level: sec. IV; third, there’s no more ministerial exam in sec. IV: that opens the door to fully creative pedagogy; fourth, ESL teachers at Jean deBrébeuf, a second-cycle, high school have a motivating helper: the series Lost; the students LOVE it.

Having six groups at the same level means one course preparation, which you give six times; by the time you give the sixth course, you’ve perfectly adjusted its proceeding and the blackboard menu… Having six groups allows the evaluation of ± 180 students, through the same evaluations.

Strange enough I just discovered, which isn’t that other Website, to which links the school board; in fact, the former is a grade school’s Website in Gatineau, whereas the latter is the Website of Qc, QC’s Jean-de-Brébeuf, second cycle, high school. Would the Wiki Erato, the Muse of Musik, be the Wiki for Jean-de-Brébeuf. I’d love to invite Frédéric’s 180 students to work into it, since Jean-de-Brébeuf offers la concentration musique.

§ 4


Day 47: 16 Days Worked = + 1 / 3

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, December 1st, 2007 at 12:42 am

These last 28 work days, I worked 14 days, thus, a day on two; since I was hired, I worked 16 days on 47, thus better than a day on three. In fact, since 2007sep24, I ‘ve worked: 47 hr ¾, thus earning over $2000, but, so far, due to usual delays, I only was paid just over a thousand $. Indeed, the first month was quite slow, but November was okay. This ending week, I was called as early as 6h18, in the morning: I was out of the door 12 minutes later. This week I worked three days on five and this Friday morning, 2007nov30, St-Louis Adult Center called me for two replacements next week.

Therefore, I can be sure that by the end of this upcoming week, I’ll have worked at least 18 days on 52, thus still better than a day on three. There are 15 work days left until the two-week long Christmas holidays: I won’t vaticinate, but I sure hope I’ll work LOTS, if not, everyday.


Week 6 :: Joseph Francois Perrault

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Sunday, October 28th, 2007 at 12:46 pm

Why do I love that school so much?

§ Even though one of the quotes which appear in the vertical menu, on the right, says that it may not be a good idea to have a favourite anything, I feel a lot of affinity with Joseph-François-Perrault High School. I’d even like to be participate into the Web site committee; that’s why, this morning, from this form to do so, I sent this:

Votre motivation à faire parti du comité du site Internet :
1. J’habite tout près de l’école JFP et y fait une première journée de suppléance ce mercredi, 2007oct24, pour remplacer Ms Nichola Blomfield, en ESL et Saïd ? en maths.
2. J’y ai fait deux de mes quatre stages, dont le dernier, le long.
3. J’y ai aussi fait un projet étalé sur un gros mois : durant ce projet, les 28 élèves de concentration linguistique, de sec. II, que j’avais eus à mon dernier stage, se sont chacun construits un esp@ce Web, @ la Yahoo !
4. Je ressens un grande affinité avec JFP, pour plusieurs raisons que je suis en train de préciser dans cet @rticle :
5. Quoique je sache que je suis tout en bas de l’échelle, en tant que suppléant occasionnel, et quoique je ne connaisse pas le futur, je ressens tout de même un profond désir de m’intégrer dans la « Force éducative » qui propulse JFP…
6. Je ressens vraiment que je saurais devenir utile, voire indispensable, précisément à JFP, et encore plus dans le Comité du site Internet.
7. La motivation étant intrinsèquement reliée au cerveau limbique, elle en est hautement émotive, et donc, pas nécessairement logique : ainsi, le fait que j’ai fréquenté l’école JFP, mais à Montréal, en 1970-71, renforce mon désir de m’impliquer à JFP.
8. Voir les élèves acquérir les compétences déclaratives ou procédurales qui leur permettront de maîtriser l’écriture Web…
9. La dernière motivation que j’invoquerai est que je serais heureux de pouvoir exploiter mon savoir, pour le bénéfice de tous.

Quelles sont vos forces et connaissances qui peuvent contribuer à faire progresser notre site Internet?
1. J’ai réussi une maîtrise en technologie éducative en 2005.
2. Je maîtrise le xHTML.
3. Mon dom@ine Web, http://DJO.CA ; mon blogue,
4. Ma ferme de Wikis et mes dix b@ses de données.
5. J’ai construit des centaines, plus de 1000, 2000 ? p@ges Web, Wiki ou Blog.
6. J’installe et modifie les javascripts.
7. Je tr@vaille, en respectant les normes du W3C.
8. J’aimerais inst@ller un ou des Wikis, en premier lieu, pour les élèves du PEI, pour qu’ils puissent y coconstruire, tout en pratiquant l’écriture Web.
9. Ma « trilingualité » permettrait d’aider à « trilingualiser » le site Internet.
10. etc.

§ À part le Site Web, il y aussi le fait qu’ils sont associés aux écoles vertes de Bruntland..

euterpeil a

Et il y aussi ce site Web qu’ils ont construits en association avec la SÉPAQ et qui présente des alternatives économiques pour aller en nature: c’est là ou ailleurs, que je vois mon projet de construire un beau gros Tipi pour les PEI ou pour l’équipe de football de l’école : les poteaux d’un tipi serait aisément transportés dans un autobus scolaire ou encore mieux, sur son toît, bien arrimés.

D’autre part, l’école JFP offre le PEI, donc l’espagnol ; mon brevet d’enseignement me permet d’enseigner l’espagnol et j’aimerais bien épanouir cette compétence. Par ailleurs, j’ai lu la biographie de Joseph-François-Perrault et nous avons quelques ressemblances, telles que se lever tôt et écrire trois, quatre heures et toujours être au lit avant neuf heures. De plus, Qui plus est, une élève du groupe 12, que j’ai eu deux fois mercredi, me faisait noter, trouvant ça drôle, que je m’appelle Joseph, tout comme l’école ; en plus du fait déjà mentionné que j’ai fréquenté l’école Joseph-François-Perrault, mais à Montréal, je suis tout à fait emballé émotivement à l’idée de créer mon trou dans la JFP, de Québec.

Nous verrons bien ce que me réserve la semaine :-)

Could DCA Heal Cancer?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, October 20th, 2007 at 11:32 pm

DCA means “défense contre avions”, in French, or anti-aircraft warfare, or air defense, in English:

DCA Whams into Pharmaceutical Drug Lords’ Vulture Wings.

DCA, dichloroacetate, the drug, is a cheap, not patented substance already used to heal MELAS. Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton has recently tested that DCA destroys cancer cells, right from within the cancerous cells… Unfortunately, since DCA’s already used to heal, is cheap and isn’t under patent, there is no monopoly profit to be made from it: that’s why Pharmaceutical Drug Lords, or should we say Pigs or, Vultures, aren’t intere$ted in funding Research on DCA…

Indeed, Drug Vulture Pigs couldn’t make any bacon, neither from exploiting DCA, nor cancer-stricken people anymore; even better, cancer patients could get cheap treatment, a saving for all. So far, DCA has shown effective at healing three types of tumors: lung, brain and breast cancers, both within human cells and within rats and mice. On top of that, since DCA is water-soluble, it may simply be mixed with water and smoothly drank, thus effectively reaching the brain, right from within: getting some types of medications into the brain may be difficult.

However, you should beware that DCA is an acid that at highly concentrated dosage might cause pain, numbness and gait disturbances. More important, remember that, at the appropriate dosage, DCA already does heal MELAS; it just hasn’t yet been tested on humans, specifically within cancer healing.

Re@d more about it:

ESL Adult Education Louis-Jolliet

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, October 6th, 2007 at 2:29 pm

So, it takes a good half-hour walk to get to the Louis-Jolliet Center: would that be a dream come through, or does life reserve me other surprises? I often visualise and really love the idea of walking to and from work, rather than riding a crowded bus, or driving a car and parking it, while I teach, at $6 /hour, the Communauto hourly fare.

Upon doing my new substitute teacher’s homework, as I wrote in a previous @rticle, I did find out, though this Web p@ge I built, that on 14 secondary levels schools of De la Capitale school board, five of those may be walked to, from my place, if you do like walking. The furthest of those five schools is 4.1 km, which ± takes less than an hour: a good healthy walk, indeed… Louis-Jolliet is at 3.4 km, thus likely a little more than a half-hour walk: a perfect walk to oxygenate oneself.

Nevertheless, Elisabeth, the head of the English department, from the Louis-Jolliet Center, or LJC, had highly positive feedback towards me: she said she told other actors at the LJC that I was the man of the situation and that they should work towards keeping me working there; she said she’ll ask Marie-Claude Morin, pedagogical counsellor, that I be invited to next Friday’s pedagogical day, so that I can meet other teachers and she even suggested that I could do replacements in the “francisation”, welcoming classes, thus adding a string to my bow, until more teaching tasks in ESL appear, which likely will be soon, she says…

As tempting that may be, my substitute teacher position relates to 14 schools: therefore, next Tuesday, ¬¬there’s no school on Monday, since it’s Thanksgiving¬¬, who knows which school will call me, or not? Yesterday, not long after I left for Louis-Jolliet, the other Adult Education Center, St-Louis, called me; my girlfriend told them I was already gone to CLJ; I was happily walking. St-Louis is quite far from my place: 17km, thus a good hour by bus, or a 22 minutes drive, says Google Maps.


I head out walking, around 7h15, with our cell, to CLJ; I previously forward my Home calls to the cell, in case a school calls me. If the teacher I replaced Thursday and Friday, isn’t at Louis-Jolliet, I’ll be ready to give Tuesday’s Block A, a secondary V class: I’ll even previously prepare the class, since I was given the Book On My Own. Since Block B class has three levels, and since I don’t have the book, and since students precisely work on their own, it’s more a question of walking around, so as to answer everyone’s questions, suggest what to do next, which doesn’t exclude preparing a common activity to start up the class…

The classroom I worked in, on Thursday and Friday, is great: perfectly wide and deep, its windows supply ample sun. There is a fairly big plant in a corner; I’d love to bring (some of) my huge “Nénés” or(some of) my spider plants there for winter; I’d also love to decorate my classroom, organize it, etc. However, Tuesday, I must be ready for anything, and that may actually come from any of the school board’s 14 schools, including Louis-Jolliet: spending 12 years there is an interesting option….


Who s DjO?

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 at 8:49 pm

joseph deneault 2007sep01Diplômé 2002 de l’Université Laval, avec quelques A et A+, dans le baccalauréat de quatre ans, en enseignement de l’anglais, langue seconde, dans le profil international, lequel inclue aussi l’enseignement de l’espagnol, Joseph Deneault a donc obtenu le 17 juillet 2002 son brevet du QC pour enseigner l’anglais, langue seconde, et l’espagnol, langue étrangère, aux niveaux primaire et secondaire. Ensuite, dès le début 2003, Joseph Deneault, Djeault, DjO, le nanoM@itre, entreprend une maîtrise en technologie éducative qui le mène au grade de maître és arts en technologie éducative, en mai 2005.

Pour l’année scolaire 2007-2008, il offre ses services, à Québec, QC : ainsi, le lundi, 2007sep17, il passe une entrevue à la CS de la Capitale ; le vendredi suivant, 2007sep21, le premier jour d’automne, il apprend que sa candidature a été acceptée pour enseigner l’anglais, langue seconde, au secondaire ou aux adultes.

Conséquemment, DjO ai mis mon CV à jour, ce 2007sep25, et,

conséquemment, DjO ai l’intention de publier ici, dans ce tout nouveau blogue JosephDeneault Djeault DjO Blog, ce que sera ma vie d’enseignant, suppléant, remplaçant, ces prochains jours, mois, voire 12 ans.

@ +