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Work Day 18 : 2 days worked so far

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Thursday, October 18th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

This is jeaunedi: Thursday… Last night I got my School Board’s employee’s official new number; this morning, wondering if the wages for the blocks I taught so far might have been deposited into my bank account, I just walked to the bank and found out that this Thursday isn’t pay day, at least not for me: whether next week, or the one after, my first pay shall be ridiculously far from the $40,000 a year, which may get a teacher, if ever she or he gets a full time task on the first year… My …, who’s at her third school year of teaching, though in another school board, has a 75% task; I know of a teacher at that school board, who has been teaching there for nearly 10 years, but doesn’t even yet have neither a permanent status, nor a full time task…

At the moment, I feel as when I was at my last year of high school: there was a train railroad just behind the school yard; I’d often watch the trains go by and wished, as hoboes do in the movies, and did a lot in real life, 50 years ago or so, that I could jump into a wagon and get somewhere new and exotic, away from the usual.. However, there was a real high fence between the scool yard ans the trains, plus we didn’t even knnow where those trains really went: so, when I finally did get onto a train, I had indeed fully paid my fare and even knew my destination: Vancouver, B-C: for your information, in 1974, for $63 + $1, you could get a return ticket to Vancouver!

So, right now, I feel as if I was watching trains go by, with happy, or not, people travelling on them; but me, I stay at the station, ever ready to go, but no train stops, so as to pick me up, but, every morning, I must get ready in case a train stops, may be… Back into reality, I must now get ready, just in case… It’s 6h58.

ContacT JosephDeneault Djeault DjO

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 5:11 pm

See bigger version of photoJoseph Deneault was active as an English, Second Language, substitute teacher for De La Capitale School Board’s 12 high schools and two adult centers, from 2007sep21 until 2008sep23; entre ces deux dates, Joseph est suppléant occasionnel en “ESL” pour la Commission scolaire de la Capitale, parmi ses 12 écoles secondaires et ses deux centres pour adultes.

Depuis le 2008sep22, et jusqu’à la fin de l’année scolaire 2008-2009, il enseigne à L’École secondaire Voyageur Memorial de Mistissini, une des neufs écoles cries de la Commission scolaire crie… Since 2008sep22 and until the end of school year 2008-2009, Joseph lives and teaches full-time in Mistissini, QC’s Voyageur Memorial High School, one of the nine Cree schools of the Cree School board.

Am I available? Suis-je disponible ?
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To contact me, em@il @ Joseph :

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Day 16-17 Web Wiki Blog P@ges

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 12:11 pm

Yesterday, 2007oct16, I got a call from the St-Louis Adult Center, so as to line me up with eight replacements, from next week until May, about once a month, always on Thursdays… Even so, I had no call specifically for yesterday; nevertheless, that left me with plenty of free time, by the grace of which, I built a few Wiki p@ges in my Workshop Wiki, so as to present the School board’s 14 schools.

I built a Wiki p@ge for each school, in which I iframed its section, from the Web p@ge I’ve been building, so as to gather information on those schools. I’ve also built a p@ge that will gather all teaching tasks I may get. Finally, I’m now using this blog to write about it all…

Still yesterday, I also built an “index.html” Web p@ge, which I uploaded into a folder simply called “z”, thus creating an easy URL to remember: that URL takes you to my c@lendar and is meant to facilitate finding out if I’m available for substitute teaching on any given date…

Pour savoir si je suis disponible à une date donnée,

@ller sur mon c@lendrier :,

m’appeler : 524-0559, ou m’écrire

Day 15 :: Sunny Week Ahead

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Monday, October 15th, 2007 at 12:32 pm

Even though cool weather is forecast for the coming week, sunshine will be ongoing, which for me is mighty good news, since I can walk to seven of the 14 schools I could work in: getting to work, soaked to the bones, likely wouldn’t be a plus for my career. As for that sprouting career, I sure hope this week will be busier than last, during which I got absolutely NO call, from any of the schools…

It now is 8h25; the only school that called me, so far, dis so at 8h37: I thus will be surprised, if I’m called today; it’s 8h37; 8h38… So, what can I do, so as to improve the situation? I did a first cont@ct through an em@il sent to 13 / 14 school directors; I did get feedback from the director I contacted separately, but got no concrete news from the others; I did get seven receipts, on 14, acknowledging that the em@il was received, but on those seven, two informed me that the em@il was flushed without even having been read… It’s 9h11.

The only answer I got so far, informed me that many teachers in that school have only part-time tasks: therefore, any substitute teaching to be done goes to those teachers. @ suivre…

Sunny Cloudy Sunday

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Sunday, October 14th, 2007 at 9:02 pm

ne pas tuerJe suis, I am, Soy, could still say, the Man of Peace Sri Chinmoy, until he left us, on Oct16, 2007. He is seen by 1000s, as an athletic and spiritual guru, two qualities which he united into a fruitfful life, filled with music, painting, meditation, extreme running, weight lifting, etc. Wikipedia will tell you much more on this holy man, whose influence I felt, through Carlos Santana’s Music, in the late 70’s…

DAY 14 :: TGIF :: 2 worked days on 14

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Friday, October 12th, 2007 at 12:04 pm

TGIF: Thank God, it’s Friday! Friday, in my book, likely is the day of the week that offers the most chances of a school needing me, so as to replace a missing teacher: that’s not a scientific statement, just a wishful guess, which also hopes that by the end of the day, I’ll have worked three days on 14 working days, rather than only two… It’s 6:05 in the morning…

It’s now 7h40; no call yet, but I had a huge breakfast and I’m ready to go TO WORK… When I was in México, for a total of a year and a half or so, I worked every day I chose to work; although I often knew the day before what work I would do the next morning, Zapotecos Indians often came to my “house” in the early morning to require my help on punctual tasks: harvesting this, planting that, building a chair or a house, etc. Whatever it was, amongst the poorest people in México, there always was work to do; here, in Quebec, however, after SEVEN years of University, a bachelor’s and a master’s degrees and even after passing THE interview and being hired, I was given two days of work on 14 working days: I’m indeed not counting neither Saturdays, nor Sundays, nor Thanksgiving…

The least I can say is that I am in a worrisome situation? And they wonder why they lose so many new teachers in their first year of possible employment! Right now, in Quebec, there are over 200 people teaching ESL with NO diploma to do so: « bien pire, 159 diplômés du cégep et 22 personnes ne possédant qu’un diplôme d’études secondaires (DES) ont aussi enseigné dans les écoles de la province. Plusieurs détenteurs de DES, ¬¬ diplômes d’études secondaire ¬¬, ont dirigé des classes de musique, alors que d’autres l’ont fait en anglais langue seconde et en adaptation scolaire, » selon cet @rticle paru dans la Cyberpresse.

That same @rticle also mentions that in 2006-2007, 220.5 people taught English, as a second language, without a license to do so: I made myself a $50,000 debt and studied seven years, so that I may teach English, be useful, pay back my debts, AND WORK, so as to reach a level of living other than the misery of minimum wage or its close relatives… However, the fact is that so far, I didn’t even work for two days, on 14 possible working days: it’s 9h; likely nobody will call me today for any substitute teaching…

Djools Bl@ck :: 9 Web Writing Tools

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 5:01 pm

Ce qui suit n’est pas ici :-) c’est plutôt un “iframe”, 455 px de large par 333 px de haut, contenant un tableau de 422 px de large, lui-même contenu dans la p@ge Wiki, que j’ai b@tie dans le but spécifique de l’insérer ici…

Day 13 : To Work or not to Work

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Thursday, October 11th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

It’s 5h46; coffee’s hot. Will any of the 14 schools, or is it really 13, call me this morning? At midnight, my last pay for my previous job was deposited in my bank account, which I just emptied from its peanuts… If I lived alone, I’d be in deep sh..

I just can hear a buddy of mine telling me: “have positive thinking” and me answering that positive thinking may affect me, but that others have their own positive thinking, which may not correspond to mine or even enter in conflict with it: for example, the other substitute teachers who were interviewed and hired the same week I was, all likely wish that their phone will ring this morning…

Nevertheless, I must get ready for a possible call, from any of the 14 schools: shaving, shower and breakfast, ideally, other than coffee…

Fichu ou fiché on s en fiche

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 at 11:01 am

Voici un comment@ire que je viens de laisser ici chez Sylvain.

Big Fat Brother is Watching US

Le § qui présente l’@rticle, Le titre de Google fracasse les records, indique que depuis son introduction, en août 2004, l’action Google s’est multipliée par sept. L’@rticle lui-même, entre autres, mentionne que le chiffre d’affaires de Google = ± 12 milliards de dollars par an ; Google = la douzième entreprise en importance aux États-Unis, dépassant des géants tels Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola ou IBM !

Or donc, Google r@masse de l’info sur ch@cun, afin de nous, le ¾ des intern@utes, g@rrocher des pubs @daptées, qui nous intéressent, selon notre profil, forgé par la, les, cookies stockées sur notre ordinateur, voire pour deux ans et ½, + la p@ge Web, Wiki ou Blog qu’on est en train de visiter…

Supprimer, quotidiennement et +, les cookies « filtrées, medium ou high », + l’historique + la cache, est dans mes h@bitudes: that, helps keeping my computer cle@n.

DAY 11 :: Cool Morning

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Days are getting shorter; it’s 6h08 and darkness still reigns out there; I got up at 5h30, so as to leave at 7h30: that’s almost sleeping in, if compared to my previous job, for which, two mornings a week, I had to get up at 4h, in order to take the 6 o’clock bus. Even so, mornings are getting much colder: as morning rises, it will get down to 4°… Moreover, starting tomorrow, it’ll be rainy, as far forecasts now get to.

As I wrote last Saturday, I’ll leave at 7h30, for the Louis-Jolliet Center, just in case the teacher I replaced Thursday and Friday isn’t there again this morning; since I’ll have our cell with me, I won’t miss other calls, if any. It’s almost 6h30: getting ready now is my immediate goal…

See y@ later