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2007oct02 Day VII

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 at 11:13 am
Today is the seventh morning, which sees me ready to go, in case I’m called so as to replace a missing teacher. Last Wednesday, the Centre St-Louis for adults did call, but just to find out if I was truly available, if needed: they didn’t need me as such that day, but their call let me know my name was becoming available to the school board’s 11 high schools and two adult centers. Yesterday morning, I went to the School Board, so as to bring in all missing documents; I asked Ms Patricia Grimard what I should do in order to be called everyday: she told me that some people go around the schools, leaving their business cards or letting know they exist and are available; others choose to phone school directors, as listed in a list that is sent to new substitute teachers like me…The fact is that each school has a someone who takes care of contacting, finding substitute teachers when needed: those persons hold the keys to my carreer. On the other hand, the list of schools and directors presents their phone numbers, but in these days of Web 2.0, no em@il @ddress; however, from the 13 directors’ names, one may suppose and guess their actual em@ils. It simply works this way: family name + DOT + first name + @robas + So, if I’d send them all an em@il, so as to let them know I exist, would that be a way to start a relationship with them?

In fact, in that em@il, I could ask who’s the person in their schools, who’s responsible to call susbstitute teachers and how to contact those actors. On the other hand, I could also prepare some kind of business card, or dollar style card, or an 8½ x 11 page, which would sell me, as a substitute teacher. To that em@il, I could even join an attached file, which they could print themselves and distribute to the people who call substitute teachers, or even to the English, second language, teachers themselves, since it seems to be a fact that teachers can ask one susbstitute teacher rather than another one…

So, what to do?