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See bigger version of photoJoseph Deneault was active as an English, Second Language, substitute teacher for De La Capitale School Board’s 12 high schools and two adult centers, from 2007sep21 until 2008sep23; entre ces deux dates, Joseph est suppléant occasionnel en “ESL” pour la Commission scolaire de la Capitale, parmi ses 12 écoles secondaires et ses deux centres pour adultes.

Depuis le 2008sep22, et jusqu’à la fin de l’année scolaire 2008-2009, il enseigne à L’École secondaire Voyageur Memorial de Mistissini, une des neufs écoles cries de la Commission scolaire crie… Since 2008sep22 and until the end of school year 2008-2009, Joseph lives and teaches full-time in Mistissini, QC’s Voyageur Memorial High School, one of the nine Cree schools of the Cree School board.

Am I available? Suis-je disponible ?
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This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 12:11 pm

Yesterday, 2007oct16, I got a call from the St-Louis Adult Center, so as to line me up with eight replacements, from next week until May, about once a month, always on Thursdays… Even so, I had no call specifically for yesterday; nevertheless, that left me with plenty of free time, by the grace of which, I built a few Wiki p@ges in my Workshop Wiki, so as to present the School board’s 14 schools.

I built a Wiki p@ge for each school, in which I iframed its section, from the Web p@ge I’ve been building, so as to gather information on those schools. I’ve also built a p@ge that will gather all teaching tasks I may get. Finally, I’m now using this blog to write about it all…

Still yesterday, I also built an “index.html” Web p@ge, which I uploaded into a folder simply called “z”, thus creating an easy URL to remember: that URL takes you to my c@lendar and is meant to facilitate finding out if I’m available for substitute teaching on any given date…

Pour savoir si je suis disponible à une date donnée,

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m’appeler : 524-0559, ou m’écrire