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Fancy Web Writing

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CONTENT IN CONSTRUCTION explains the HTML code I used so as to cre@te this type of fancy table, with decorative framing on both sides.

Great! Got it! When working within a, fancy or not, table, in order to create paragraphs that hold, the § need to be given a style: define the background-color, here #ffccff. Thereafter, within styled §, to create a new §, just click Enter.

If not styled, the § have a tendancy to bunch up and have to be constantly reentered… Use pale colors as background-color, since your text stays black.


What’s particular to WordPress, is that when editing, the fonts are smaller than they appear in the published @rticle: that allows to see more text within the editing window.



Upcoming Week 11

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IS BEAUTY SPIRITUAL? Are Colors Beautiful?

Lundi, 2007dec03, le trois fera le mois et je toucherai du bois ; déjà décembre étend notre blanche nappe crystalline de Noël : dans moins de trois semaines, les jours redeviendront plus longs, la lune des longues neiges se terminera et celle du Renouveau de la Terre naîtra, poésie annuelle.Il reste 15 jours de travail possibles avant les vacances des Fêtes : deux semaines sans travail, qui créeront une paye sans nul $$, le 2008jan24.

Aussi, ces prochaines deux semaines, j’espère travailler le plus d’heures possibles, car la paye du 2008jan10 devra durer jusqu’au 2008fev07, donc, un mois. J’espère que j’aurai des heures chez Anna-Pierrot, durant la période des fêtes, qui, pour eux, est fort occupée. À partir e 2007dec22, I’m free until 2008jan08.

¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤


Day 47: 16 Days Worked = + 1 / 3

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These last 28 work days, I worked 14 days, thus, a day on two; since I was hired, I worked 16 days on 47, thus better than a day on three. In fact, since 2007sep24, I ‘ve worked: 47 hr ¾, thus earning over $2000, but, so far, due to usual delays, I only was paid just over a thousand $. Indeed, the first month was quite slow, but November was okay. This ending week, I was called as early as 6h18, in the morning: I was out of the door 12 minutes later. This week I worked three days on five and this Friday morning, 2007nov30, St-Louis Adult Center called me for two replacements next week.

Therefore, I can be sure that by the end of this upcoming week, I’ll have worked at least 18 days on 52, thus still better than a day on three. There are 15 work days left until the two-week long Christmas holidays: I won’t vaticinate, but I sure hope I’ll work LOTS, if not, everyday.