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Merry Christmas 2007

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It takes an American to crucify Santa for Christmas: in Washington state, a man called Art Conrad did so, to protest against the excessive commercialisation of Christmas, which, once upon a time, was the supposed celebration of Jesus’ birth.

In fact, does nowadays Christmas’ materialism lead to Jesus’ suffering on a man made cross again? Doesn’t the purchase of presents, paid with one’s own hard earned cash translate into Christ’s teaching to Love one another? Don’t the family gatherings resemble Christ’s Last Supper? And what about the pretty decorations and the colorful lights, don’t they also bring a divine touch?

Medias lead us to think we’re above paegan celebrations like rejoycing because days are now getting longer or partying because this is the Moon of the Renewal of the Earth! We assume that all’s fine in the best of worlds, that the economy is rolling, that we share the Christmas spirit…

But what about all the lonely people, those who die with their names as their sole companion, as the Beatles sing? For example, one third of Montrealers live alone; how many of those will see their family today, exchange presents or share a meal? On the other hand, how many people will bust their credit cards, just to impress upon their family or friends that they live a successful, wealthy life and are of a generous nature? If only Spring could get here.