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March 2008

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Saturday, March 1st, 2008 at 7:40 am

SPRING IS COMING and so is Easter

§ 1. These ongoing holidays are coming to an end; a teacher I know went to Florida with his family for a month, within his parental holidays; yet another ESL teacher went to Cuba, though, just for this ending winter break; I, my mate and I, went nearly nowhere: the only activity I concentrated on, à temps perdu, is the correction of students’ ±8 written productions x ±150 students, thus 1200 productions, and the compilation of their results, upto the winter break, all that, though my contract ended last Friday…

§ 2. So far, I completely finished two groups on five; today, I suppose, I must continue with the other three groups. It’d be nice to end it all today, especially that starting Monday, I must switch my pedagogical attention onto my next task: until Easter Friday, 170 secondary IV students will be led into their ESL learning, by me, serving the class menus, which their teacher Fred has put in, or rather on, the oven: his desk, in the ESL teachers’ quarters.

§ 3. As for each precise serving instructions, 6 classes x 6 groups, I’m waiting to receive them through em@il. In fact, it’s a good thing, Fred hasn’t yet sent them: it allowed me to concentrate, à temps perdu, on my corrections, for the sake of evaluating the students.

§ 4. It will be nice to get back to sec. IV students and to only one classroom: I won’t have to quickly pack my stuff so as to make room for the next teacher and quickly unpack it, while I answer to entering students’ questions, prepare my blackboard and its menu, and set up my class plans, photocopies to distribute, and so on…

Yes, I must end my works today, for my last contract and, starting tomorrow, Sunday, I must start getting into my next task. As for today, corrections are calling me, after breakfast.