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FireFox LapTops and Composer

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008 at 2:48 pm

Wow! I just can’t believe I’m writing on a laptop!


Out of prehistory, he came

§ 1. I finally inst@lled Firefox onto this laptop; doesn’t beat Netscape, although these guys gave up their support for their browser a month ago; even so, I succeeded at finding the version 9.6, but it didn’t even have Composer; thus, I kept on searching until I found the 7.2 version. That’s what I’ll use along Firefox, which doesn’t have Composer as an inherent component.

§ 2. I’ve been transferring data, id, user names, passwords and such, and now I just realize there is an English corrector operational, as I write here. I don’t quite know if it’s Office 2007, or else Firefox, but it works. Par contre, si on écrit en français, c’est pas fort ! Thus, it’s useful, though only for English!

§ 3. I’ve been as in kind of an overwhelmed state of blissful shock, with all the operations needed to switch to this laptop and the power and features of this new tool, like this: music test. :-) I hope Neil Young will forgive me for this experiment…

§ 4. As a rule of thumb, it seems that a music file holds one Mo per minute ot Joy; thus, 4000 minutes of music could have filled up my 4 Go hard drive on my Windows 98: 4000 / 60 = barley 66 hours of music; however, with this laptop, with 320 Go, I’ll be able to relax myself a bit about the weight of each item I download, or install…