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Rainy Week Ahead, They Say…

This @rticle was cre@ted by Djeault, on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

How do Rain and BeLL Affect Substitute Teachers?

§ 1. As street hair wrapper for 15 summers and off and on hitchhiker for ±40, I was often recalled that bad weather can affect us greatly; it can even kill or scare us, change our mood, or get us wet, drowned or burnt! Weather’s Forever changing nature is overwhelming; whereas this last week of sunny, warmish days colored our days, grey is the forecast for the upcoming week….

§ 2. Since I can simply walk to many of the scools I may work at, rain likely will discolor my pants with street goo; heavy rain could get me soaked to the bones and smelly, even though I do have a raincoat; even worse, rainy days ahead could affect already overflowing rivers and creeks, but that is another story!

§ 3. Finally, one has to pray for rain to slack off, if one must walk from A to B :lol: Moreover, I don’t even know which school will require my services, this week: I may just be travelling by bus, anyway. Nonetheless, I, we, have a BIGger problem: it started this last Friday; once again, BéBeLL demonstrates its inefficient sluggishness: they inadvertently cut off our phone! I detail in my Wiki.

§ 4. Although with BéBeLL, delays often seem quite extensible, we hope our phone line, as promised, will be back on, tomorrow, Monday, since I’m on call… As a matter of fact, there’s a school’s caller who often phones me up on Sundays; I’ll be quite :x Xcited if I miss her or another call, today or tomorrow morning, or if someone phones us up and gets the message our phone # isn’t functional anymore and thus never phones us again!

§ 5. Two days later, our phone still isn’t reconnected, and they’re talking about Friday! Therefore, using Skype out, I phoned two schools’ callers and I em@iled another school and some ESL teachers; our saga with Bell is a real drag! I’m presently waiting for another IP phone and I feel that this one will be the right one…

6. Finally, we were without our home phone for a week; I’ll continue to think that our problem could have been resolved much faster