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Summer 2008: Six-Week Contract

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ESL Teaching at St-Louis Center

§ 1. Last week, I was given the task of taking care of adult ESL students at St-Louis Center, from July 2nd til August 8th… The Center gives secondary level courses to adult students, who wish to get their high school diploma, equivalencies or credits, so as to enter trade schools or CEGEP…

§ 2. At St-Louis Center, in ESL, the students work individually in their work books; they listen to audio material, on tapes or the Web… Nonetheless, social activities are regularly organised, such as canoeing, visits, etc.

§ 3. This week, only Wednesday, 2008jul02 is scheduled; the five following weeks, I teach Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, two one-hour periods, thus six hours a week; by the end of this week, I likely will know if I’ll give recuperation classes in ESL, five mornings a week, for a week or three…

§ 4. I could do both because afternoon classes don’t require much preparation, if any: adult students work individually; there’s no magisterial teaching as such, but rather occasional workshops, if any…


Mad Cow Disease, CJD, YouTube and XHTML

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Inserting in a blog a video posted on youtube, with the code they suggest, creates five XHTML errors; since I take great care at keeping this blog’s XHTML 100% proof, I thus rather inst@ll a target link to that video… le@ds to Professor Colm Kelleher’s Interview; he speaks about mad cow disease and also the human form of the disease, called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD; the video lasts 56 minutes. Advanced ESL students should be able to understand Professor Kelleher, who has a clear, articulate, well-spoken speech delivery…

In this fresh @rticle, in Mississauga, ONT, doctors suspect man has strain of Creutzfeldt-Jakob…

2008 Old Quebec Hair Wrapping

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My 15th Summer Hair Wrapping in Old Quebec

§ 1. Québec, QC, is 400 years old this 2008!

§ 2. This slide-show will reveal you a glimpse of some of the 12 hair wrappers in our association and of some of our customers; we’ll have our yearly general meeting this next week, so as to vote in our functioning rules for 2008…

§ 3. Yesterday, ‘A’ and I got our work permits from Quebec City, @t $285 a piece! Having had a permit the year before gives us the privilege to renew it, but we had to renew it before the end of the week, or lose that privilege… Since we didn’t work at all last summer, for all kinds of good reasons, we will be starting our season with $1070 in the red…

§ 4. Last year, the permits were at $250; so as to justify that increase of $35, this year’s big boss of public entertainers, that’s what they call us, or rather « amuseurs publics » in French, told me that they reorganised the informatics system and that there had been no increase in the price of permits for 10 years…

§ 5. Apart from hair wrappers, public street entertainers, sometimes also called buskers, include artistic face painters, musicians of types ‘A’ and ‘B’, magicians, acrobats, and so on… Some people will say that there are far too many rules and regulations regarding street performing, but I reply to them that things are much better now than they were, before permits came into existence…

§ 6. In fact, before Quebec City decided to emit permits in 1994, there was no clear rules, as to who could busk or not, when or where; it often depended on whether the one cop, who patrolled Old Quebec, liked what you did or not… At least, now, there are rules, working spots and arrangements between performers and associations, which allow us to work in peace…

§ 7. All that to say that we obviously don’t live in a perfect world, but at least, we, public entertainers or buskers, now know the existing rules and regulations… Better those than whims!



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muse erato§ 1. Muse Erato is my Green Muse of Musik who inspires my Wednesdays; indeed that wasn’t a scientific statement, but rather a poetic one. In fact, I feel like writing, but I don’t quite know what I should write about and I wouldn’t want people to think I write amphigouris full of galimatias.

§ 2. Muse Erato oblige, to nourish my writing, I iTuned into Carlos Santana’s R@dio St@tion; directly on the Web, I’ve recently often been tuning into Iceberg R@dio St@tion.

§ 3. Then, salmon in sauce and potatoes were served and The Simpsons, in French, then, the NeWs, in English, rolled on; then a movie started and I still don’t know what to write about…

§ 4. In the movie, I’m watching, in French, the protagonist had a dream, in which she could hear people think; then, full awake, the ‘crown attorney prosecutor detective’ realises that she really does hear other people’s thoughts; all that, after a shock on the head… And, the rest of the movie builds on that…

¤¤¤ ¤¤¤ ¤¤¤


Le trois fait le mois

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moyen moineaultM. Moyen Moineault

usually writes in English, though sometimes in Spanish, but the title of this @rticle cannot truly be translated, for ‘the third makes the month’ doesn’t rhyme as « trois et mois » do: detail, detail, detail!

Moreover, some sayings are shallow: how could the third day of any month be as the rest of the month? It’s like the French expression, « avoir d’autres chats à fouetter », which means that you have other cats to whip, or rather, other things to do! Who wants to whip a cat? They’re such little, cuddly, purring cuties: thus I prefer saying that I have other cats to tickle, which kind of rhymes, in French: « j’ai d’autres chats à chatouiller… »

All that to say that there are sayings, songs or proverbs, deep or shallow, that are quite tricky to translate, even though, nowadays, translating is @ccessible through multilingual online translators, as this guy:

translator traducteur opens in new window

Well, got other kitties to tickle…