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Learning Cree; Teaching Crees

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¡Adios Québec City! Wachiya Mistissini!

§ 1. Finally, I got myself a job worth calling it ‘a job’; 10 days from now, I likely will be in Mistissini, QC; I’ll be teaching secondary one students with James Bay’s Cree School Board. Thursday morning, 2008sep11, I spoke to the Voyageur Memorial School’s principal, Ms. Francine Roy. who announced me that the selection committee, with whom I had an interview last Friday, 2008sep05, chose me and recommended me to the executive committee, who will therefore hire me to teach there…

§ 2. I phoned Ms. Roy from my parents’ house in MTL; I slept there overnight and on Thursday celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary with them; to phone up Ms. Roy, I used my magicJack and my WiMax Nomad connexion, for free, indeed. Wednesday afternoon, I went to a CSDM, Montreal School Board, hiring session; technically, I was hired as a substitute teacher and remitted all paperwork requested; I was also told about a half task at the school I went to in secondary IV; however, when I phoned up early Thusrsday morning, the task was already gone; a few minutes later though, I phoned up Ms. Roy who greeted me with the excellent news that as soon the executive committee approves, the school board will phone me and arrange and pay for my move to Mistissini and also that I could start packing up my gear!

§ 3. Since I owe $50,000 for student loans, I hope to pay that up within two years; if I paid within 20 years, I’d give Desjardins, yet another $50,000: no way! If I live up there two years, I might as well spend a third one; by then, I’ll have ten years to teach at the most; if things go well up north, maybe, I’ll just stay there until the end of my career; we’ll see!

§ 4. All what Quebec school board de la Capitale had to offer me this fall was substitute teaching; as a matter of fact, this morning I was offered two hours a week on Tuesday evenings; indeed I refused, explaining that I was just hired to work full-time up north…

§ 5. As for the working conditions they are excellent; Le loyer est en fonction du nombre de chambres à coucher :
< 1 chambre à coucher: $126 / mois
< 2 chambres à coucher: $162 / mois
< 3 chambres à coucher: $202 / mois
< 4 chambres à coucher: $240 / mois
• Une politique sur le logement régit l’attribution des logements. Les critères principaux sont l’ancienneté et le nombre de personnes à charge.
• Le loyer comprend un logement entièrement meublé (incluant une cuisinière, un réfrigérateur, une laveuse et une sécheuse), chauffé et éclairé.
• Exceptionnellement, des membres du personnel enseignant peuvent être requis de partager un logement. Le loyer est alors ajusté en conséquence.
• L’enseignante ou l’enseignant devrait apporter ses effets personnels y compris la vaisselle, la literie et autres articles préférés (téléviseur, système de son, four à micro-ondes, etc).

6. Yes, this will be a big move in my life, but I believe I’m ready for it and the Crees seem to think so too; we’ll all see if we were right. I guess that soon I’ll have to change the subtitle of this blog from

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7. As for learning Cree, this Web p@ge could start you up…