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This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Saturday, April 12th, 2008 at 4:53 pm

Phone me up on my laptop

§ 1. is a phone system, which allows you to phone or WebC@m other Skype users’ computers, for free; moreover, you may phone out to any phone number, by buying Skype Credit: that costs $14, which gives you, they say, about 9 hours of use. They supply you instantaneously a short and clear written report for each call, in or out. In-calls cost nothing!

§ 2. also sells numbers, to which other people could call you, but not in Canada; however, I did discover a possible solution to that problem: there’s a company called< , from whom you may ‘buy’ a local phone number: in QC, there are phone numbers available in Montreal and Quebec City. When someone dials that number, a Quebec City #, my laptop gets the call, if my Skype’s on, of course. That cost me $5 to open up a file and then $5 a month, for three months, thus, $20.

§ 3. Since I’ve been writing this ‘@rticle’ over the past few days, I can now acknowledge that Friday, Thursday and Wednesday, for a couple of hours each day, around the second half of the afternoon, upon calling the phone # I was given, I’d get a busy signal. I had unplugged twice or thrice the power to my WiMax modem, so maybe, that had, has a causal link…

4, I do have three months to continue watching how useful and effective can be or is. Indeed my HP laptop and Wimax modem have to be on, thus plugged in, so as to get calls in, when the # does work and it does work, sometimes… However, it seems that today again, Saturday, 2008avr12, after 15h, it didn’t work; nevertheless, if it does work in the morning, and that everyday, it thus could be useful to be reached for teaching. We’ll see, but I likely won’t renew; for sure I’ll keep looking for better solutions… 17h43: this time it worked.

§ 5. All that makes me more mobile than ever, though still restricted by electricity…

Add-Up 2008mai22: finally, apart from possible WebCam convers@tions with Skype, as far as basic telephony goes, one is much better with

magicJack VOIP Phones

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