This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Sunday, April 13th, 2008 at 8:20 am

§ 1. When a comment commands

§ 2. A couple of days ago, an anonymous tr@veller, whom I know in real life, asked me in a comment, if I had considered SeaMonkey as a solution to my m@iling, browsing, or composing Web p@ges…

§ 3. The fact is that I’ve been using Netscape’s browsers ever since 1999: 4.7 was followed by 4.8, then replaced by the 7.2 English version. When version 8 came out, I couldn’t install it on my Windows 98, but since I have my laptop, I had installed the version 7.2, but stopped working, so then I installed version 9, but it doesn’t have a Composer anymore… ;-(

§ 4. Then I got a comment suggesting SeaMonkey: at first, I thought that I already had all I needed with Netscape + Internet Explorer, but, I finally dived in and was truly happy to have done so, for SeaMonkey really is a continuation of Netscape Composer 7x, did I discover on Wikipedia.

§ 5. As a matter of fact, when you download the SeaMonkey, you do so from servers. Thus, it’s quite compatible with Netscape and it transfered automatically my em@il data, and my browser’s bookmarks and settings…

§ 6. As for its Composer, it’s quite exactly the same as Netscape’s 7.2 version ; the browser has the same silver skin, which is neutral with any Web p@ge’s content…

§ 7. I’ll conclude by acknowledging that a Web 2.0’s interaction made me discover the SeaMonkey Project. Even though, at first I didn’t dive in, I’m quite h@ppy I did so: Navigator est mort ; vive SeaMonkey !


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