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This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 at 8:41 am

DJO.CA + DJO.QC :: 2008avr16

§ 1. Branchez-vous and also Canoë @nnounce that one million dot ca dom@ins now exist in Canada. The ICANN, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ou ACEI, l’Autorité canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet, takes care of dot ca dom@ins since 2000. We acquired the dom@in # 660936, on 2003mai31; we’re paid up until 2011mai31; as for our great, cheap but efficient Web Hosts, whose Web servers are in Switzerland, we’ve paid them up until 2009mai25.

§ 2. Since a few months or a couple of years, I forget, a search with DJO, in set in French, has been delivering a first pl@ce to DJO.CA, on 168,000,000 results. Indeed, who’s gonna do a search with DJO? 8O

§ 3. Still in the same domain, breaking NeWs let us know that PQ’s Daniel Turp requests from ICANN that be created the politico geographical extension, or top level domain, TLD, QC.

§ 4. Moreover, pour appuyer ses démarches auprès de l’ICANN, le député péquiste lance également, en collaboration avec le Mouvement national des Québécois, une pétition en ligne. :arrow:

Finally, on this 2008avr16, we hereby prerequest ICANN for the domain n@me djo.qc :roll: Here’s what I just sent to the ICANN

Quebec, QC, 2008avr16.

Dear ICANN People

As you know, a request for ‘dot QC’ or .qc, as geographical, top level domain extension has been presented. See:

We assume the ICANN will ±quickly @llow the existence of dot QC… Meanwhile, even though we cannot request a dom@in with an extension that doesn’t yet exist, we hereby wish to let you know that I, we, will apply for the dom@in n@me DjO.QC, as soon as possible.

We do own since 2003mai31; djo.qc would nicely pair.

Thanks for your attention

Joseph Deneault, for himself and Audrey Cloutier

Quebec, QC, 2008avr16.


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