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Another reason to have a PC?


Since I wrote this, I discovered magicJack, a much cheaper, though not yet perfect, telephony solution…

§ 1. will tell you all about Vonage IP phones. Unfortunately, they don’t work with MACs, so far

AJOUT ADD-UP: 2008avr24, we received our V-Phone yesterday: unfortunately, V-Phones DON’T work with MACs AND they DON’T seem to really work with VISTA either. I had read about it on vonage’s website, but it mentionned a solution, which nevertheless DOESN’T work. Therefore, we will annulate our activation and simply send them back their stuff… My conclusion is that they SHOULDN’T sell their V-Phones to people with VISTA! EVEN VONAGE AGREES WITH ME!

v phone§ 2. This ‘V-Phone‘ has the size of USB keys! Wikipedia explains that Vonage also offers a USB phone adapter (called a “V-Phone “) that runs a soft-phone application on the computer, and with internet access, gives it a fully functional and portable telephone with access to the worldwide telephone network.

§ 3. Indeed, with neither electricity nor a broadband Internet connection, it doesn’t work; apart from that, you have a phone you may carry anywhere for $20 a month + tax. That includes unlimited in-calls and 500 minutes of calls, anywhere in Canada or the USA. Additional minutes are at 5¢; at 501 minutes, we then could use Skype at 2.5¢.

§ 4. Unanswered incoming calls simply go to the VoiceMail Box; the panoply of other usual phone functions is also included. We ordered our first V-Phone last Wednesday, for less than $100: that includes the V-Phone, shipping, activation, our number transferred, etc. Once functional, we’ll be able to add another phone, and phone #, for $15 a month + ?$… We’ll keep you posted!

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Since I wrote that, I discovered magicJack, a much cheaper, though not yet perfect, telephony solution, @t $20 a year + $30 for the delivered magicJack, ready to @ctivate…

magicJack VOIP Phone


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