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Yet Another Teaching Day

§ 1. Here I am, waiting for the first group of students to come in… It is about 8h10… Students just helped me to set up the video. They are going to be watching the movie School of Rock with Jack Black… After checking absent students, we started the video… They’re watching attentively and in silence: that’s good!

§ 2. They have to fill up a questionnaire; they may help each other, though only in pairs, but I asked them to wait after to babble and complete it in teams or not, just so they can hear the movie properly… Here’s what Wikipedia says about School of Rock. I’d think it’s a fine movie for secondary III students!

§ 3. When one replaces a teacher, one often leaves comments; since students are watching properly, why wouldn’t I be writing my comments in this blog, as I do now… Indeed, this would not be the place to write down the name of disturbing students, but I don’t see anything wrong with explaining that everything’s doing fine…

§ 4. The music of the movie is fun to listen to: Rock and Roll, indeed! Since they were all done with the questionnaire, 20 minutes before the end of class, I put on The Simpsons: The Movie, which I carry with me, in case of emergency... It’s an okay way to keep students into English, rather than just letting them do nothing or speak too much French, or get bored… The students actually had a few giggles and got to listen to English! I’m satisfied.

§ 5. The first pause in this school lasts 10 minutes; this second group had to remit a questionnaire, then work on prepositions in Unit IV of Time Out; some students worked seriously; others could have worked a little harder… I kind of had to encourage some of them quite a bit. 12 students were actually absent; I was told some of them have gone on a trip to New York.

§ 6. Since I don’t have a car, as usual, I kind of have to wait here for the fourth period, which only starts at 2h15, whereas the second period ended at 11. There are yet another two hours to go… Since I carry along my nomad Internet connection, at least I can listen to some music, keep on writing in this blog, check my em@ils, read Google NeWs or search the Web… Yes, there is a computer in the classroom, but I neither have the user name nor the password: therefore, it’s useless to me.

§ 7. So, I went for a little walk; it’s 13h15. My last group’s students today are at the secondary III level; as with the first group this morning, they are going to be watching School of Rock and are going to have to answer the same questionnaire. I’ll find out when they get here, where exactly they are at in the movie, which, I believe, they already started watching, according to the teacher’s instructions, which nevertheless don’t indicate exactly up to where, whereas she did so for the first group: however, that’s a minor problem…, especially if we compare it to the actually deteriorating situation of food aid organizations, due to high fuel costs, bad weather, and so on…

§ 8. Finally, the fourth and last class should start in ±10 minutes; this group has 23 students; let’s see how many will be there: 16! Some students of this group also have gone to New York… As usual, videos or movies keep the students quite attentive and interested: in fact, movies are kind of perfect stuff for substitute teachers… I personally find that watching movies puts the students into an anglophone surrounding, a bit like a trip to Toronto or New York. With this last group, I had to ask them to whisper if they wanted to help each other during the movie: I added that AFTER the movie, they are going to have time to do so…

§ 9. 15 minutes to go; all went fine: they’re finishing up the questionnaires and I just put The Simpsons on for the last ten minutes: that’ll keep them happy until 15h30… Well, time to pack up and be thankful for this other fine teaching day…

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