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MagicJack: An American VOIP Phone

§ 1. VOIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol‘: it’s a protocol specifically optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet, writes Wikipedia; another Internet protocol is HTTP, Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol, through which we may browse by clicking links, so as to re@ch another Web p@ge, a file, a folder, etc. There also is FTP, for File Transfer Protocol, which allows you to transfer folders or files from your computer to a Website’s Web servers, for example, or vice versa. I guess I should also mention, SMTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which en@bles us to send m@ils; as for IMAP, the Internet Message Access Protocol, or POP3, the Post Office Protocol, they both @llow you to receive em@ils.

§ 2. If I lived in America, I’d be the happiest of man, for I would have just found an inexpensive, seemingly reliable, VOIP Phone, called magicJack: on 2008avr26, I ordered two for less than $94; I am not sure from exactly where they were shipped, in the USA, but I received them in Quebec City, QC, on 2008mai07: they were neatly packed into the same styrofoam pad within a ±5″ x 9″ padded envelope. A colorful, gloss cardboard, folded as a greeting card, contains the foam pad and presents the simple instructions


§ 4. First, you simply plug magicJack into a USB port of your computer; then, you may simply plug your phone into magicJack, but you don’t have to, with a laptop like mine, in which are integrated a microphone and speakers; you may also use a set of headphones with a microphone and dial up though a softphone, meaning a phone interface on your computer screen.

§ 5. In April 2008, I tried Vonage to find out that it really doensn’t work with Vista; however magicJack perfectly does so! Moreover, magicJack is more or less 12 times cheaper than Vonage: indeed, for $50 CDN, you have the magicJack AND one year of free unlimited phone calls anywhere in Canada or the USA! The following years will be @t $20 a year too! You may buy a few years ahead of time at that same rate of $20 a year, whereas Vonage costs $20 a month + taxes! Thus I may write that magicJack is 12 times cheaper than Vonage and does work with Vista! MagicJack’s Website says it’s also compatible with Windows XP and Intel Macs… If anyone knows, please comment!

§ 6. With MagicJack, you also have Voicemail, which even sends you an em@il with a sound file containing the message left, for which you may also phone in. With magicJack, I noticed no slowing down of my computer, whereas Vonage, which neither worked with my Vista system, nor my lady’s, drastically slowed down both our laptops. To use both VOIP phones, you need a computer with a high speed Internet connection whether Broadband, Cable Internet, DSL, Wireless, Wi-Fi, or Wimax. like ours… It took me a couple of minutes to register myself and @ctivate my new New-York #:

§ 7. We ordered our magicJack phones from, but there’s also, the canadian magicJack outlet, which I discovered much after I placed my order; the latter explains better that another advantage of magicJack is a phone #, BUT ALSO that unfortunately, so far, only american area codes are available: the canadian website promises that when canadian area codes become available, we’ll be notified, but no date is yet set; I will get working on that, soon and in touch with Mr. Dan Borislow or his team! Foi de DjO !!

§ 8. Until I installed my magicJack, I had thought I would get my phone #, in my 418 area code, so schools callers may call me, without creating long distance fees… Since a neighbouring school board I won’t name spent $20,000,000, yes, twenty-million dollars, :x for a new Head office, I suppose, since mine didn’t, that I shouldn’t worry too much about the fees for a short call to verify if I’m availlable for substitute teaching or replacement: my school board should be able to afford that expense. If only 418 area codes become available, we’ll thus reduce our relation with BeLL to our two WiMax nomad connections, a $100 + tax a month expense…

§ 9. The canadian magickJack site also says this:

  1. A phone number from one of many metropolitan areas around the country that can receive free incoming calls from around the world.
  2. A license to use the magicJack to call the US and Canada for FREE during your first year of use.
  3. A USB optional extension cord.
  4. Free local and long distance calling to US and Canada.
  5. Free International calling to US/Canada numbers when traveling outside of the US.

§ 10. I repeat it, the license for the second year of use is $19.95! I didn’t see any cheaper @nywhere! However, someone calling you on you magicJack #, may pay long distance fees, even if the person calling you is in your town, if that person must pay her or his calls to the USA. I chose the closest, geographically speaking, available code: New York, hoping that might reduce the ‘long distance’ costs for someone calling 347-547-6793, (hint, tip, plog, wit, pun) and even though I said, again, that very morning, that I’ll never go to New York: never say never… 8)

§ 11. In fact, if all teachers, directors, or secretaries of a given school board had their magicJack, a laptop or a computer with a high speed connection, for the magicJack itself, it would cost $50 for the first year and $20 thereafter, for each worker. I would like to see the phone bills and the costs of Internet @ccess for QC’s 72 school boards. As for myself, unless something wrong happens in the next few days, I’ll keep my magicJack: it’s great! I yet have to convince my lady to activate hers so as to try it, but I’m sure she’ll love it, especially when I wind up I paying hers too… :roll:

magicJack with headsets§ 12. Last Sunday, Mother’s day, I phoned up my mom from Quebec City to MTL; I used my headsets and the conversation was crystal clear; I also talked to my dad, who has hearing problems, but even so, he heard me much better than with a regular phone; even better, it didn’t cost anything extra: no first minutes at 35¢, after or before such and such time, nor extra charges for long distance calls, no finely written detail… $50, the first year, $20, thereafter… That’s cheap; and the voice is perfect…

§13. So, at the moment, in order to fully benefit from a magicJack, you need to live in the USA, in an available area code; whenever they can support the 418 extension, I’ll gladly transfer my 418 phone # to my magicJack. Indeed, if electricity or your high speed Internet connection go down, you wind up with no phone; even so, meanwhile, magicJack will receive and register messages in your VoiceMail system.


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  1. Joe Says:

    If anyone is looking to get a “Canadian Local Number” for there Magic Jack:

    Has them for $99.95!

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