81 days Substitute Teaching So Far

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Monday, May 12th, 2008 at 7:14 pm

Been working more than every other day…

§ 1. As of today, with this morning’s period, I have worked 81 days, since 2007sep24. There are 186 days of school in this school year; there are 27 days left and I missed 17 at the beginning of the school year = 44 days; 186 minus 44 days = 142 days; I worked 81 days on /142, thus better than a day on two: 57 %.

§ 2. Nevertheless, I started counting days towards a precarious status only on 2008jan24; at least, I did start counting: there’s a rule within this school board, by which you only start counting your days towards a precarious status, AFTER you’ve done a 20-day replacement: luckily enough I had 21 days in a row with the same teacher. Thus so far, I got 46 days in the bank towards that status: I’ve now travelled a quarter of the road to my precarious status…

§ 3. Today again I didn’t teach in ESL, but rather in geography; I had secondary II students whose teacher slept right through, was I told: thus, there was no course plan; neither was there a class plan, nor a student list. The precedent teacher played enigma with his students and let them free for the last 10 minutes.

§ 4. Thanks to The Simpsons; The Movie, after I sat my students down, so as to check absent students, I got to watch The Movie in French for the first time. In fact, The Movie does relate to geography and ecology! The students watched with great attention until the end of class. Mission accomplie and a 46th day /180…


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