My 54th Year on Earth Begins Tomorrow!

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 3:38 pm

My 53rd year on Urantia nearly is over

§ 1. Around an hour after midnight, during the (two) hours of the rat, on 2008mai22, the first moment of the Geminis, I’ll be turning 53… With 53 cards played since my birth during the ‘year of the wooden goats’, will this be my second year of the Djeault-ker, DjOker, Joker? This ending year saw me (finally) start my ESL teaching career; my Love and I renewed our year long lease to 2009jul01 and a ninth year together; my mom and dad are both running to complete their 87th year; I found a reasonably priced Web Host, who supplies me with 10 data bases, PHP, web-mail, etc.

§ 2. Therefore, with such technological support, apart from static 1.0 Web p@ges, with PHP, I now may run this blog and a Wiki F@rm… A couple of months ago, we paid our dom@in, until 2011mai25; we also paid our Web hosts in advance, until 2009mai25; I like feeling secure… In this past year, I also said goodbye to my oldie PC Windows 98 with its four, yes 4, GO hard drive and got married with a HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop, with a Vista system: simply, WoW!

§ 3. Moreover, this past year, after searching and proofing, I finally discovered magickJack, a VOIP telephony solution that undercuts all prices, @t $20 /year, for unlimited calls to VOIP, ground, or cell phones, anywhere in Canada and the USA and from anywhere in the wwWorld, where you may get a high speed Internet connection! As for the other VOIP system Skype, it cannot really receive calls, in Canada, except by an unreliable detour, which I wouldn’t recommend; nevertheless, Skype calls may be done free to and fro other Skype users, and that, using a WebCam, another inbuilt quality of my new HP wife…

§ 4. Furthermore, from wife to WiFi, this past year, I discovered nomad WiMax modems, which you may carry along in over 120 cities in Canada. That means I may now have my Internet connection, almost anywhere I do substitute teaching; that not only enables me to answer most ESL questions, but it also allows me to carry along passwords, user names and useful, pedagogical or not, files and folders… Indeed, I may now phone right from the classroom, or else, receive calls… This April, I was able to show my mom and dad that what was a dream in my childhood now turned real; we spoke on the phone with my human C-L wife and saw her pretty face on the screen!

§ 5. Apart from all that technology, I see through my window decorative apple blossoms ready to bloom into a pinkish pink birthday present; I love this time of the year, although in my childhood it snowed a couple of times on my birthday: one of those times, although I had the mumps, my mom let me quickly glimpse to the fallen and falling snow. Talking of my Mommy, indeed, tomorrow is also her birth-giving day: X X X to her for bringing me into this world, where I can listen to iTunes Radio st@tions from around the planet, as I write: THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU!


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