Reform of Education Pudding

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Saturday, May 24th, 2008 at 7:36 am

Served with Pedagogical Renewal Sauce

In his @rticle, François, who teaches ESL at the high school level, recalls us that the Reform of Education isn’t a new phenomena, but rather was already ongoing 90 years ago; then, Sylvain St-Jean, who teaches at the elementary level, built on François’ this other @rticle: he wonders why after 15 years of formations, many teachers still don’t follow a technoRo@d or pedagogically improve their teaching manners

This list of past QC Ministers of Education suggests there might be a lack of continuity on top, throughout that never ending, always ongoing Reform of education…

Then, to summarise the Reform, at the Central Québec School Board, they believe that:

Learning is a lifelong process

There is richness in diversity

All individuals have potential to improve and have the right to develop their potential in a safe, caring and inclusive environment

Students must always be placed as the priority


I here wonder about the fact that teachers also are the priority. April fools’ day 2008, I got myself a laptop with the money I saved from my earnings doing replacements this winter; at first, I continued claiming that every QC teacher should have one and also that she or he should be able to deduct it from her, his income; today, I wonder if it isn’t all QC students who should have such a versatile tool.


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