DAY 10 Second Teaching Day

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Friday, October 5th, 2007 at 12:05 pm

Ma solid@rité pour les Birmans que j’ai exprimée dans mon @rticle d’hier proposait que seul cet @rticle soit publié dans nos blogues ; ce fut difficile hier, vu qu’hier, j’ai finalement eu l’opportunité d’enfin être appelé pour faire de la suppléance, à 8h37. C’est le centre pour adultes Louis-Jolliet, avec deux « L », qui donc m’a permis de débuter ma carrière d’enseignant.

Moreover, I have a second Teaching day, this morning, again at the Louis-Jolliet Center, located at 1201, rue de la Pointe-aux-Lièvres, Québec, QC. G1L 4M1 :: ±½ h on foot from my home. Although, yesterday, they phoned me too late for block A, from 8h30 until 10h30, I taught only at « block B », from 10h30 until 12h30. Today, however, I’ll be teaching both blocks A and B : the first group are at the Sec. V level; the second group, which I met yesterday, have pre-secondary, secondary I and II students. Teaching to adult students is a real pleasure, since there’s no discipline to perform: I was even surprised to do a soft “sh-sh-sh” and obtain silence within a second.

My class activities are fully ready for my first group who uses the “On my Own” pedagogical books. This morning, I have to get to the center at 8h, so as to remit my CV and other paper works. I’ll likely be back here, in this blog, this afternoon, so as to report on this second teaching day, for which, I now must get ready: it’s nice to know where I’m going this morning, especially that the School board’s 12 high schools are in pause today: thus, I didn’t even think I’d be teaching today!

See you later!

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