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muse erato§ 1. Muse Erato is my Green Muse of Musik who inspires my Wednesdays; indeed that wasn’t a scientific statement, but rather a poetic one. In fact, I feel like writing, but I don’t quite know what I should write about and I wouldn’t want people to think I write amphigouris full of galimatias.

§ 2. Muse Erato oblige, to nourish my writing, I iTuned into Carlos Santana’s R@dio St@tion; directly on the Web, I’ve recently often been tuning into Iceberg R@dio St@tion.

§ 3. Then, salmon in sauce and potatoes were served and The Simpsons, in French, then, the NeWs, in English, rolled on; then a movie started and I still don’t know what to write about…

§ 4. In the movie, I’m watching, in French, the protagonist had a dream, in which she could hear people think; then, full awake, the ‘crown attorney prosecutor detective’ realises that she really does hear other people’s thoughts; all that, after a shock on the head… And, the rest of the movie builds on that…

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