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This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Saturday, October 6th, 2007 at 2:29 pm

So, it takes a good half-hour walk to get to the Louis-Jolliet Center: would that be a dream come through, or does life reserve me other surprises? I often visualise and really love the idea of walking to and from work, rather than riding a crowded bus, or driving a car and parking it, while I teach, at $6 /hour, the Communauto hourly fare.

Upon doing my new substitute teacher’s homework, as I wrote in a previous @rticle, I did find out, though this Web p@ge I built, that on 14 secondary levels schools of De la Capitale school board, five of those may be walked to, from my place, if you do like walking. The furthest of those five schools is 4.1 km, which ± takes less than an hour: a good healthy walk, indeed… Louis-Jolliet is at 3.4 km, thus likely a little more than a half-hour walk: a perfect walk to oxygenate oneself.

Nevertheless, Elisabeth, the head of the English department, from the Louis-Jolliet Center, or LJC, had highly positive feedback towards me: she said she told other actors at the LJC that I was the man of the situation and that they should work towards keeping me working there; she said she’ll ask Marie-Claude Morin, pedagogical counsellor, that I be invited to next Friday’s pedagogical day, so that I can meet other teachers and she even suggested that I could do replacements in the “francisation”, welcoming classes, thus adding a string to my bow, until more teaching tasks in ESL appear, which likely will be soon, she says…

As tempting that may be, my substitute teacher position relates to 14 schools: therefore, next Tuesday, ¬¬there’s no school on Monday, since it’s Thanksgiving¬¬, who knows which school will call me, or not? Yesterday, not long after I left for Louis-Jolliet, the other Adult Education Center, St-Louis, called me; my girlfriend told them I was already gone to CLJ; I was happily walking. St-Louis is quite far from my place: 17km, thus a good hour by bus, or a 22 minutes drive, says Google Maps.


I head out walking, around 7h15, with our cell, to CLJ; I previously forward my Home calls to the cell, in case a school calls me. If the teacher I replaced Thursday and Friday, isn’t at Louis-Jolliet, I’ll be ready to give Tuesday’s Block A, a secondary V class: I’ll even previously prepare the class, since I was given the Book On My Own. Since Block B class has three levels, and since I don’t have the book, and since students precisely work on their own, it’s more a question of walking around, so as to answer everyone’s questions, suggest what to do next, which doesn’t exclude preparing a common activity to start up the class…

The classroom I worked in, on Thursday and Friday, is great: perfectly wide and deep, its windows supply ample sun. There is a fairly big plant in a corner; I’d love to bring (some of) my huge “Nénés” or(some of) my spider plants there for winter; I’d also love to decorate my classroom, organize it, etc. However, Tuesday, I must be ready for anything, and that may actually come from any of the school board’s 14 schools, including Louis-Jolliet: spending 12 years there is an interesting option….


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