Work Day 18 : 2 days worked so far

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Thursday, October 18th, 2007 at 12:57 pm

This is jeaunedi: Thursday… Last night I got my School Board’s employee’s official new number; this morning, wondering if the wages for the blocks I taught so far might have been deposited into my bank account, I just walked to the bank and found out that this Thursday isn’t pay day, at least not for me: whether next week, or the one after, my first pay shall be ridiculously far from the $40,000 a year, which may get a teacher, if ever she or he gets a full time task on the first year… My …, who’s at her third school year of teaching, though in another school board, has a 75% task; I know of a teacher at that school board, who has been teaching there for nearly 10 years, but doesn’t even yet have neither a permanent status, nor a full time task…

At the moment, I feel as when I was at my last year of high school: there was a train railroad just behind the school yard; I’d often watch the trains go by and wished, as hoboes do in the movies, and did a lot in real life, 50 years ago or so, that I could jump into a wagon and get somewhere new and exotic, away from the usual.. However, there was a real high fence between the scool yard ans the trains, plus we didn’t even knnow where those trains really went: so, when I finally did get onto a train, I had indeed fully paid my fare and even knew my destination: Vancouver, B-C: for your information, in 1974, for $63 + $1, you could get a return ticket to Vancouver!

So, right now, I feel as if I was watching trains go by, with happy, or not, people travelling on them; but me, I stay at the station, ever ready to go, but no train stops, so as to pick me up, but, every morning, I must get ready in case a train stops, may be… Back into reality, I must now get ready, just in case… It’s 6h58.

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