Could DCA Heal Cancer?

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DCA means “d√©fense contre avions”, in French, or anti-aircraft warfare, or air defense, in English:

DCA Whams into Pharmaceutical Drug Lords’ Vulture Wings.

DCA, dichloroacetate, the drug, is a cheap, not patented substance already used to heal MELAS. Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton has recently tested that DCA destroys cancer cells, right from within the cancerous cells… Unfortunately, since DCA’s already used to heal, is cheap and isn’t under patent, there is no monopoly profit to be made from it: that’s why Pharmaceutical Drug Lords, or should we say Pigs or, Vultures, aren’t intere$ted in funding Research on DCA…

Indeed, Drug Vulture Pigs couldn’t make any bacon, neither from exploiting DCA, nor cancer-stricken people anymore; even better, cancer patients could get cheap treatment, a saving for all. So far, DCA has shown effective at healing three types of tumors: lung, brain and breast cancers, both within human cells and within rats and mice. On top of that, since DCA is water-soluble, it may simply be mixed with water and smoothly drank, thus effectively reaching the brain, right from within: getting some types of medications into the brain may be difficult.

However, you should beware that DCA is an acid that at highly concentrated dosage might cause pain, numbness and gait disturbances. More important, remember that, at the appropriate dosage, DCA already does heal MELAS; it just hasn’t yet been tested on humans, specifically within cancer healing.

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