20 Work Days : 2 days worked

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Monday, October 22nd, 2007 at 11:45 pm

20 work days is like four weeks of work, or nearly a month. Working two days a month isn’t my idea of “full-time work”… This morning, I got an em@il from a professor in Spain, from De La Mancha University. She asked me, in very good French, if I knew of Canadian creations, ideally in French, adapted from Don Quichote; within an hour, I had answered to her, in my best Spanish, giving her information relatively to this adaptation made in Quebec… Nobody will pay me for that and that’s fine with me.

Indeed, I’m not busy as school directors are, even though I wish I was; however, even though I am their potential employee, as an ESL substitute teacher, on 13 em@ils I sent to 13 school directors, 20 days ago, I got no “em@il feedb@ck” answering to my few questions, except for five receipts acknowledging the em@ils were open; moreover, three of the em@ils were flushed without even being read, event though the object clearly said: « Suppléant ESL + my phone number »!

Maybe I was spoiled by my last employer; maybe that employer isn’t as busy as school directors, but taking a couple of minutes to answer to someone, who went back to school at 42 years old, studied seven years at University, passed The interview with the School Board and was hired as a substitute teacher, does only take two minutes… Furthermore, I cancelled my inscription from a Master’s degree in translation, didn’t go to a quite interesting job interview and even quit my last job, after training the man who replaced me, all that to be fully available for substitute teaching…

I’m sure some people would think: “how does he dare to speak about that on the Web?” I dare, because when I’m paid to do anything, I do my very best; in my mind, when an employee addresses an employer, the employer should answer and vice versa: that’s just normal good manners.

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