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This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 7:05 pm

After quite a few days without work, finally, the phone rang this morning! Moreover, it was my favourite school, because I can walk there in less than five minutes, because I did three practica on five at that school, and because that school has the PEI, ¬¬ Programme d’études internationales ¬¬, which implies that they also have Spanish classes, the other subject I can teach, according to my Teacher’s license.

This morning, I had a rather small, ESL, secondary I, PEI group. The needed photocopies were easy to find and ready to photocopy, and the course, well prepared. The students were really sweet and most of them worked quite hard: they were working, in teams of two, on the presentation of the visit of a haunted house. The activity allowed oral interaction and reinvesting stuff they had already worked on and from which they created their texts, in teams of two.

The fact that they were working in teams made me realize that high schools are quite Noisy, especially compared to Adult education: a couple times, I had to ask students to raise their voice when they asked me questions, even though they were right besides me, because all other students were busy working and babbling, thus creating quite a few decibels of noise… When the bell rang, I went into the corridors and was struck by that same overwhelming sound; I’m astonished that some studies demonstrate that the students themselves are so used to that noise, that they do abstraction of it and don’t really hear it anymore!

This afternoon, I also have the fourth period at that same school ; however, the subject is maths, thus NOT at all my domain of expertise; nevertheless, they’ll have personal work to do, which likely implies that they will be working individually: therefore, the noise level should approximate Silence, unleast they convince me that helping each others is pedagogical… Yes, it is but we’ll see!

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