Week V: 3 Days worked on 5 :-)

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Saturday, October 27th, 2007 at 11:23 pm

Finally, this week I worked three days; if it could be like that every week, it’d be great. Yesterday, I travelled to Val-Bélair for the third and fourth periods: three buses and a good hour later, I got to L’Odyssée High School, more than an hour in advance. Friday afternoons being Friday afternoons, the first period was anything, but productive; secondary one students, being secondary one students, the first twenty minutes were spent asking student’s attention, meaning that you pay better attention when don’t you talk, about something else :-D

§ I felt sorry for the students in whose eyes, it was clear they were eager to learn something; some of them vainly tried to reason the disturbing ones; a lot of French had to be spoken: I must find a way to create order quicker; meanwhile, 30 little ones are busy digesting their sweets, running about, babbling and giggling ;-)

§ The second period went much better! A nicely productive class, during which we explored the world and his Human Bug Eaters. Since I’ve lived in Mexico and eaten grasshoppers and termites, my anecdotes became learning material, that motivated their attentive listening and participation into the material to be covered and into the subsequent final writing exercise, which they seriously worked on, in teams of two or three.

Before the beginning of class II, a student suggested 15 minutes of reading; I first offered it to all students, but requested absolute silence for those 15 minutes; I warn that class starts, if anyone speaks; someone speaks; I write her, his name on the blackboard and explain my expulsion procedure: two subsequent check after the name = expulsion: simple! Yes, I sent two students to “PASS”, the course before; I show the pile of expulsion forms I have with me; I explain: “every minute lost, we really lose half-hour, since you’re 30 or so”. I check a name on the blackboard: silence, for the next 15-20 minutes of reading, broken by me: “Who wants to read the first § ?” An option so as to get them to speak and listen to their companion’s reading and speaking”… We familiarize ourselves with the reality that allover this planet, people eat bugs.

§ The school was clean; no computers, no CD Player, no Projector in neither classrooms; blackboard, chalks.

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