Getting Ready for Week 07 & Day 30

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Sunday, November 4th, 2007 at 12:42 pm

This is Sunday, 2007nov04. Thursday, 2007nov01, I finally got my first biweekly pay check: I cleared $252; I’m not yet sure if I’ll have anything on next pay check, since after my first two teaching days, there was a two-week hole, without any work. I was hired 2007sep21, a Friday. Since the following Monday, 2007sep24, except for Thanksgiving Monday, I have been ready every weekday, by 7 o’clock, to get to any of the 14 schools. Tomorrow morning, Monday 2007nov05, thus will be my 30th morning getting ready, without knowing if the phone will ring or not, and if it does, where to? What level? ESL? At what time? How long to get there? By bus or Communauto? Where to park??

Last week, I was called at 8h25, for a class starting at 9h10: a 25-minute drive, leaving 20 minutes to reserve a car on Communauto’s Website and to modify my @genda. The closest, available car was at a 10 minutes walk, walking fast: I got into the school’s parking at 9h10.

Then, there’s the more punctual discovery: the secretariat, the forms to fill, or not, the Substitute Teacher C@ller, the School, the Teacher’s desk in the teachers’ Office, for the course instructions, if any; then, there’s the local itself and most importantly, the students: how many? What cycle? Are they usually well disciplined or do they just babble and get up all the time, at any time?

In some cases, I have had time to read the class instructions, prepare a Menu on the blackboard, etc. But in others, like last week, I didn’t; however the instructions were simple and the course went well. First classes in the morning usually go fine; however, the first class after lunch or sports, on Friday afternoons, with a class of 32+ undisciplined, secondary I or II students, can be anything but pedagogical, unless you first calm them down, by reading in silence. That’s what they do at De La Rochebelle High school, after lunch.

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