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This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Monday, November 12th, 2007 at 3:59 pm

My eighth week working or not as a substitute teacher is starting today; I’d believe that most people who do work know their work schedule for this starting week; I don’t, although I wish I did. However, in real life, we don’t always get what we want; do we?

Nevertheless, it’s 8h10 and my chances of being called diminish every minute that goes by. Writing about it doesn’t change that fact, but it gives me the opportunity to practice writing in English, even though I don’t find much else to write, other than describing this precise moment, sitting here, waiting for a possible phone call…

Of course, I could write about that disastrous oil spill, which occurred last week in the San Francisco area, even affecting the island, on which is the infamous jail of Alcatraz; this morning, there’s also the news of yet another spill, this time in the Russian Black Sea, where an oil tanker was broken in half, during a storm, along four other ships, amongst which, “three cargo ships, each carrying more than 2,000 tons of sulphur, also sank in the Kerch Strait”, writes CNN.

Other than that, Quebec soon will ban cell phones, as we’re driving, a move I entirely agree with! There’s also the piece of news announcing that Ann Bourget is leading the run for a new mayor for Quebec City; the winner of those elections will replace Mrs. Andrée Boucher, who passed away a couple of months ago.

Now that it’s past 9 o’clock, my chances of working today are dwindling, although the phone could still ring. Maybe I should just go back to bed and see if I couldn’t find sweet dreams to travel in :-)

Finally, I’ll be teaching both periods, this afternoon, in Neufchatel High school: secondary V classes again; great!

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