Day 43, Worked 14 Days = ± 1/3

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder says the proverb; purple is beautiful rimes. Can something be beautiful to someone, though not to someone else or could a concept be logical to someone, but not to someone else? What’s logical and what isn’t? Is Logic less arbitrary than Aesthetics? Is Aesthetics more personal than Logic? So many questions many people might never ask, although so many might?!

So as to be more positive than in my title, I’ll mention that these last 24 working days, I worked 12 days, thus a day on two; however, since what I’ll make in the next two weeks will be paid on 2007dec 27, I’ll sure love it, if the coming next nine days, I work everyday… However, vaticination is impossible, since I control neither the callers, nor the needs in replacements, nor the Sun starting to set at 16h, at this time of the year on this part of the planet…

Nevertheless, inspired by Muse Calliope, I could calligraphy or rather design a business card that I could distribute to all callers and also to ESL teachers, especially in schools that call me. However, the problematic also include precarious teachers, who get most of the substitute teaching periods which occur: there are at least two schools which told me that, but I can easily imagine that the same trend goes on in other schools, especially that this morning, at the St-Louis Adult Center, a teacher without her glasses asked me to read her quite a short notice on the teacher’s billboard ; basicelly, it said that a proposition has been made to the effect that replacements should first be offered to permanent teachers, then, to the precarious ones, and lastly, to “others”: that’s me!

I can understand the logic behind that request, but it clearly isn’t to my personal advantage, ist it? I feel more inclined towards the aesthetics of the “please, share with US” camp, even though US doesn’t exist as an entity, but rather as isolated individuals waiting for an eventual tasks, or crumbs. .

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