On Chimps, Humans and Teddy Bears

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Monday, December 3rd, 2007 at 3:01 pm

chimpFive years old Chimps beat their mothers and human University students, within memory tests involving numbers from 1 to 9, is @nnounced today, 2007dec03, throughout the Web. I think that maybe it shows that chimps, as other animals, are more concentrated on the reality they are conscious of, and also that they can learn numbers and thus, be conscious of them, and also, memorise visual sequences of those numbers, as shown on a computer screen…

Animals, like chimps, are not busy thinking as we, humans, do, of matters, like paying the rent, writing on blogs, the upcoming Christmas Holidays, not using Holy names in vain, and so on; animals are more (concentrated on the) here and now than we are, even in memory tests, it seems.



So, this past week or two, went on the saga of that British grade school teacher who was using a curriculum based on animals and their habitats: excellent idea. A classroom teddy bear appeared within that project and the pupils suggested names and finally voted to give it the name of M., the Holy prophet of Islam; many people actually bear that name, even though it’s The Prophet of Islam’s name; however, teddy bears don’t. Unfortunately, a disgruntled employee of the same school complained to local authorities that the precious name had be given to a Teddy Bear! Thus, the Teacheress was arrested, charged, condemned, incarcerated, threatened of death by mobs of thousands, and finally forgiven by the Highest Authority of Sudan and also deported, all that within two weeks or so!

I bet you that she won’t forget her assignment in Sudan for a while!

Chimps couldn’t teach to grade school students, and neither would they understand the religious intolerance shown by mankind in the teddy bear story…

My 50 years old panda teddy bear is watching me, from his one eye; even after 50 years, I never gave him a name: I don’t think I will: that way, I’m sure I won’t offend anyone…


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