Work Day 50

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 5:57 am

Routine of a Substitute Teacher

I went to bed at 19h30 and got up at 4h45: I thus slept 9 hours and a ¼, a sufficient amount of sleep for me. At this time of the year, the daylight doesn’t even last seven hours and so, I neither feel guilty of sleeping for a little over nine hours, nor do I feel silly that I went to bed at 19h30.

It’s already 5h50 and I must get ready, for that possible call around 6h15, which would force me to leave at 6h30, if ever I get the first period at the St-Louis Center. However, in fact, I do not know if I’ll be called at all today, as any other mornings… So, I went to bed at 19h30, just in case I’m called early, but maybe nobody will call today again and, this week, I’ll only do the two periods for which I’m already scheduled for tomorrow… :-(

Poutine of a Substitute Teacher

As 8 o’clock approaches, I wonder how much longer this somewhat ridiculous situation of mine will evolve into something more rewarding, at least regarding to the wages I should earn. I’m not impressed that the said situation actually is created by a school board, which is in charge of Education: I dare thinking that, because I also think a School board should teach, through example, that if we’re the boss, we should be compassionate and respectful with our employees, because without them, we’d be the boss of Nobody and would have no Empire to reign on! I think that they should pay me full time and find me things to do, like team teaching in difficult classes and so on…

However, on the one hand, teachers are not a likely bunch to admit that they might have problems keeping up with their students’ discipline: a teacher is rather supposed to be the invincible Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, who know more than all their students put together, have the answer(s) to any questions and always are in a good mood and full of energy and humor.

Nevertheless, teachers are imperfect human beings, just like anyone else; furthermore, students too are imperfect, especially so, at the secondary II level :o From what teacher X tells me and from what recentely went on at her or his school, in one of the three school boards of Qc, QC. There are a lot of indiscipline problems at the secondary II level, and with most, if not all, of the teachers, at least at that school! In my 50 hours of teaching this fall, I’ve seen two hours ½ of it at two different schools, indeed in my school board : those 2½ hours were with secondary II students, right after lunch.

At that school, posters were created to re-present Classroom Rules; as for teacher X, she or he contacted ALL parents, through the phone or directely, during the last parents’ meeting: that pressure resulted in positive results, however, it seems to be wearing off with some of the teachers: one of them who sees her or his group once by nine-day cycles, took ½ hour yesterday just to focus the class, so that they will listen to the basic opening instructions on what could have happened, but will finally not, by lack of time.

Writing about time, it’s 9h36; it’s 10h; it’s 11h: no call so far.

So, in order to address that problem, which I might have to encounter again, tomorrow being possible, in the afternoon, I created a Word file, from which I also cre@ted this Web p@ge: link to come…


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