Day 51 :: Three Weeks Contract

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Friday, December 7th, 2007 at 6:46 am

Good News: My Christmas Present!

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from the calleress of l’école secondaire Jean-de-Brébeuf; she had phoned me a couple of weeks ago to offer me the same task as she did yesterday; somebody else had accepted the task, but that someone else finally desisted him or herself: therefore I will likely be teaching at that school the two weeks before Christmas and the one four-day week after Christmas, and God knows what will happen thereafter…

It sure will be nice to have a planned schedule, instead of getting up very early, just in case someone calls or not. As for today, I teach block III and IV at the St-Louis Adult Center in Loretteville; that finishes ± at 12h25; then, I catch the bus to Limoilou, where I will meet the teacher I’ll be replacing: he’s taking a parental vacation; we’ll meet again on Monday, but this afternoon I’ll be teaching at the last period, from 14h30 until 15h45, thus darkness…

As for now, I don’t even know what level I’ll be teaching, though I do know that at that school, there’s only students of the second cycle of the secondary, which implies a little more maturity than the first cycle. I don’t know either the percentage of task of the teacher, but what I do know is that I’ll likely be working everyday, on the next 15 work days, including today…

Let’s first start by today and take a day at the time; it’s 7h and I must get ready for this day of Teaching. Yééé


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