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Dream Tasks

Well, I just had a great week; the kind of week that motivates me into teaching ESL. Indeed, the task I have, in fact Frédéric Kunderlik’s task, is a perfect one: first, it’s a full one; second, all students have the same level: sec. IV; third, there’s no more ministerial exam in sec. IV: that opens the door to fully creative pedagogy; fourth, ESL teachers at Jean deBrébeuf, a second-cycle, high school have a motivating helper: the series Lost; the students LOVE it.

Having six groups at the same level means one course preparation, which you give six times; by the time you give the sixth course, you’ve perfectly adjusted its proceeding and the blackboard menu… Having six groups allows the evaluation of ± 180 students, through the same evaluations.

Strange enough I just discovered, which isn’t that other Website, to which links the school board; in fact, the former is a grade school’s Website in Gatineau, whereas the latter is the Website of Qc, QC’s Jean-de-Brébeuf, second cycle, high school. Would the Wiki Erato, the Muse of Musik, be the Wiki for Jean-de-Brébeuf. I’d love to invite Frédéric’s 180 students to work into it, since Jean-de-Brébeuf offers la concentration musique.

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