Good Bye 2007

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I love writing in French; however, I’m an ESL teacher: that’s why I write mostly in English in this Blog, born this year 2007, in September. That way, I may send my students to any @rticle, for example, with the mandate to comment it: in fact, I might just do that the first week after the vacations, maybe.

Other than this blog, 2007 saw me hired as a High School level, substitute ESL Teacher, by De La Capitale School Board, on 2007sep21. Before that, all spring and summer, I drove Pâtisserie Anna Pierrot’s delivery van and packed in and out the goodies; in fact, during these ongoing school holidays, I deliver six mornings: sweet to see the team again and to eat lots of sweets.

This past summer 2007, I didn’t make one single hair wrap, although I did buy my yearly permit, which gives the right to get the 2008 permit: my 14th summer.

During the first half of 2007, I worked on my admission into the Master’s Degree in Translation and Terminology for fall session; I succeeded the admission exam, in May, with very good marks. Nevertheless, I finally offered my services to De La Capitale School Board, who convoked me to an interview, before the limit date to annulate one’s inscription without penalties, which I finally did!

Even though my first month was slow, since hired, I’ve now been working better than a day on two average; the last two weeks before the holidays and the first week after them, I have a full time replacement at this school, to which I may enjoy a ±4 km, or 40 minutes walk, in the morning, propulsed by the Salaberry Hill; it’s about the same time on the bus, anyway; moreover, I find it highly healthy to walk vigorously before teaching: it gets everything rolling; I see that same stimulating effect, when Group 47 students get into class after their athletic activities: they’re simply radiant and open to learning.

I’m quite happy that I likely will work with the same six Sec. IV ESL groups, the first three weeks of March, unless another replacement contract would make me unavailable. At the moment, I have a six-week gap to fill somehow, after my other week of teaching at Jean-de-Brébeuf, second cycle High school, after the present holidays.

Finally, in 2007, moved to Web servers in Switzerland. For the same price, instead of just hosting a basic Web 1.0 static Website, this company offers 10 Data Bases, 1 GO of content, PHP, unlimited subdomains, etc. That enabled me to cre@te a Wiki Farm and even this blog.



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