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What’s Next?

Including yesterday, 2007jan14, so far, I have worked for the School board, 29 days on the last 46, thus better than every other day; since hired, I have worked 31 days on 65 work days, thus nearly 1 day / 2. Indeed, within those statistics, the first month was quite slow

I must say that I feel a certain stress, from not knowing where I might (have) wind (ed) up, or not, today, yesterday or tomorrow, even though I do have two replacements to do, Thursday and Friday and even though, I likely will teach again at Jean-De-Brébeuf High school for three weeks at the beginning of March.

Last week, as I was finishing my (too) short three weeks contract, three schools phoned me up for substitute teaching, but I couldn’t go, since I can’t be at two places at the same time. However, this week, yesterday, and so far, this morning, the phone stayed silent…

Sunday, I applied for a five-week contract, not too far from Quebec City. The contract starts next week and would take me to the spring break and thus to my next contract at Jean-de-Brébeuf. Nevertheless, I’d likely have to rent in that town for that month, especially that we’re in winter; furthermore, working in another school board won’t be counted within my time done at the De La Capitale School Board… However, If they did hire me, I’d likely accept…

As for my three past weeks at Jean-de-Brébeuf, I sure invested a lot of time into preparing my ‘Wiki Project’: The last day at Jean-De-Brébeuf, a student asked me what I did on New Year’s day: what I forgot to tell him, because I didn’t remember that day, is that on New Year’s day 2008, I spent the whole day installing their Wiki, as needed, even though I didn’t event know if the Computer lab would be available, the following, first week of classes! Fortunately, the lab was free! Should we call that pure luck or a blessing? Only God knows

Moreover, on New Year, I created a UserName and a password for each of the 167 students: it took me more or less 14 hours, if I remember well. However, out of the six groups, only four had time available to transcribe their summaries, written in class and which I corrected during the ‘vacations’: the other two groups got late in the menu, because of the December snow storm and because of the Christmas activity day. Therefore, last week, those two groups finally watched Lost’s episode The Hunting Party, took notes, then hand wrote a summary.

Distributing the passwords to each student was also part of the deal. I printed their user names and their passwords very small. Then, for each group, I made a tiny ‘hardcover book’. As the students came in before class, they came to my desk to pick up their corrected summaries, which I had previously placed in alphabetical order of first names: with the summary, I gave each student her or his password, cut off from the list. I could have written or pasted the password on their corrected summary, but then anyone could have related the UserName and the password: a tiny paper with tiny fonts and the sole password seemed more discrete and safe.

In this im@ge, the UserNames’ fonts are much bigger the actual paper version:

password distribution


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