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Clap twice ot thrice?

§ 1. So, there’s a new, two years old, electronic gadget or program, that has the specialised capacity to shut off different televisions brands. Recentely, this January 2008, Gizmodo Confessed on their blog The Meanest Thing They Did, which was at the CES, an annual, American convention presenting new or redesigned electronic devices: so, Gizmodo had fun shutting off whole walls of television sets in display, or, even worse, TV sets, actually supporting ongoing presentations! Branchez-vous en p@rle ici : CES: Un blogueur sème le chaos (mise à jour) - Électronique - Téléviseurs HDTV

§ 2. It’s a wonder if three other pieces of News could relate to (adaptations of) that electronic gadget or program that has the simple power to turn off an ongoing electronic program, system, or TV? First, just this month, a passenger plane which had left from Victoria?, BC, Canada, heading East, suddenly dropped 5000 feet, as they were flying over the mighty Rocky Mountains: they had to urgently land in Calgary. Isn’t that what would happen if the plane’s engines were disrupted, even a few seconds. Maybe that gadget can switch off and on, but maybe, they also, see three § down, had to glide to Calgary, from the high altitude they had to have, being over the Rockies, but that, after plunging 5000 feet!

§ 3. The Medias TQS, TVA and CBC disrupted our attention, by suggesting it could have been caused by a furtive plane, even though everybody knows those planes don’t travel in civil corridors. Why couldn’t it have been simply caused by an electronic signal, maybe issued from a tiny device, that has the simple power to interrupt an ongoing electronic system, and that had been smuggled into the plane, by a passenger who could be part of a show of force, or else, simply in needs of strong emotions like plunging 5000 feet!.

§ 4. Otherwise, do they allow laptops on planes? If so, could a businessman, with the right program installed on his laptop computer, simply execute the interruption of the plane’s electronic system (s)? It could even be someone who hates TVs, especially on planes: he or she brings along his or her TV closing device, gadget, program and then, when he or she wants to take his or her nap, he or she verifies if he or she actually really can close the plane’s TVs, if any, but inadvertently, he or she shuts off the plane’s engine (s), or rather the electronic system (s) and program (s), which keep planes on their paths?

§ 5. Second, just last week, in England, UK, the engines of another passenger plane just went off: they thus had to land at the Heathrow Airport, after gliding from where they had been flying and they barely made it! Third, just yesterday, appeared on Google News that the CIA admits that some foreign, but allied, country has recently been threatened of a major Power disruption, in what seems to be an extortion scheme, lead exclusively in English: program codes are most often commented and in this case, the comments within the encoding of the malicious program (s) involved, are all in English.

§ 6. If the said gadget, used by Gizmodo, is two years old, just imagine the improved, adapted or specialised variants the human mind might have created, by now. For the least, Gizmodo’s feat informs us that shutting off ongoing electronic devices has never been easier: nowadays, on TV, are even sold systems, through which clapping (twice or thrice), shuts off lamps, TVs or what not? Next, you’re on a plane to a warm, hot beach and already thirsty: in order to order a tall glass of grape juice, you attract the hostess’ attention by clapping twice: the airplane’s engines stop. Would there be a link? Should you now clap twice or thrice?

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