Jean-De-Brebeuf Again

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§ 1. I haven’t written here for two weeks, thus I just had to, this early Sunday morning, before I jump into a day of correction of irregular verb tests and of questionnaires on Lost episodes.

§ 2. Tommorow, I start my third week at Jean-De-Brébeuf High School, this time replacing a teacheress, Sabrina, at the secondary III level, whereas, before and after Christmas, I replaced for three weeks another teacher, Fred, at the same school, but with secondary IV students; I likely will replace teacher Fred again the first three weeks of March and then, in April, I’ll likely take care of ESL Head Teacher Guy’s secondary V students.

§ 3. The difference, between secondary III or IV students, is quite noticeable: Ouf! Sec. IVs can be silenced within 5 min, even one; however, with most groups of sec. IIIs, 5 min seems minimal. Fortunately, I had prepared five efficient class plans for Sabrina’s five groups: 6 x 6 text zones, in an 8½” by 14″ sheet: each text zone contains the color photo and the first name of the student. Each Plan is coupled with an alphabetical list of the students Family names and nine cases for each student, on top of which, diagonal lines allow handwriting the nine columns’ titles. That way, you may easily address yourself to each student by her or his first name: that makes all the difference to silence students when needed and also to take note of their good deeds; yes, I’ll keep noting bad deeds, but I must not forget to positively evaluate each student’s forces…

§ 4. Since the plans are 6 x 6 text zones, each of these can be easily interchanged or reorganized: strategic creation of helping pairs, taking into consideration the students’ marks and affinities, thus can be pedago-logically created…


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