Wounded Web

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Neither one, nor two, nor three, nor four, bur rather FIVE!

From Wounded Knee to Wounded Web

§ 1. It started with a severed transoceanic Internet cable, about a week ago, then a second incident was mumbled about: that or rather those incidents greatly affected India’s Internet connectivity, amongst other countries’. Nevertheless, the Web being a web, information packets were rerouted through other cables or satellites; however, Internet communications were slowed down allover Asia. 90-95% of Internet’S data tr@vel through optical fiber c@bles. All five cable breaks occured in the Middle-East.

§ 2. Then, last Friday, 2008fev08, I was free in the afternoon and thus went home and eventually onto the Web; my entr@nce p@ge, our dom@in http://djo.ca, wasn’t @ccessible; then, it c@me in but rather slowly: since the Web servers hosting our dom@ins are in Switzerland, I suspected a cable might have been ruptured on the Atlantic Ocean, and I phoned to my Internet Service provider, whose telephonist hadn’t heard about new breaks of submarine cables; he analysed my system as fully speedy Gonzales… I tried Internet Explorer 6, rather than Netscape Navigator 7.2, but even so, @ccess to some sites was often sluggish or impossible, for a couple of hours. Could all those cable breaks and massive rerouting of information packets have saturated the Internet?

§ 3. Our Web Hosts’ M@in, also in Switzerland, did slowly @ppear, but some of its ‘@djacent p@ges’ didn’t; even Google NeWs from Swizterland didn’t enter at my first try; our Wikis were also slow or un@ccessible. Even though Googles NeWs US, which was @ccessible, though sluggishly, doesn’t or didn’t offer that crucial information, Google NeWs Suisse does so: we thus find out that this last Friday, 2008fev08, not one, nor two, but rather FIVE deep undersea cable breaks have occurred within only a week.

§ 4. Some NeWs, this Sunday 2008fev10, mention that Iran would actually be completely cut off from its cable based Internet, but that even so, Iran’s president’s blog would still be online, which suggests that he might have outgoing satellite connectivity. Other News and bloggers conclude that FIVE incidents on four cables imply the use of high tech submarines, even though one incident was explained by an abandoned nearby giant anchor. As for the first two cable breaks, it is s@id that the highly specialised boats and crews will likely have repaired them by today.

§ 5. As for Egypt, their Internet connectivity would be at 50% of its usual capacity, and as for Egypt and Iran, some NeWs say both countries have been quite friendly with each other these last months, which could be unpleasant to others, who thus might have decided to further isolate Iran, where, some say, there would be, on that Web, a profusion of pictures or photos of the despicable actions led by American troops against Iraqui civilians, since the 2003 invasion, justified by nearly one thousand public lies, by BuTsh and his War Pigs.

A plot to cut off Iran from the Web could only be led by RICH experts or countries, who would need sophisticated underwater equipment, so as to damage, FIVE times, Internet cables, which are lying on the deep Ocean floor. Here, you may see the World map of transoceanic Internet cables. Indeed, damaging four cables in the same region, could and did affect other regions, who had to reroute their Internet communications, but there really are countries who really hate and fear Iran enough to try cuttting them off the Internet. Of course, bloggers are said to suppose that those cable breaks are only the prelude to something BIG, just about to happen, in the Middle-East…

Will we ever find out the truth?

repairing internet cables

I gr@bbed this im@ge on the Web.
I can’t find its true source.


Add-up: 2008fev16
This @rticle, in French, translated from this one in English, informs us that Internet connectivity is now better than ever in Iran; the said @rticle supposes that rupturing five times four underwater Internet cables, within a week or so, could have the purpose to reroute information packets going in and out of Iran, by forcing them to use other cables, which could easier be spied on.

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