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Thank God It’s Friday

§ 1. Can we tell a student ‘to shut up’? Pouvons-nous dire à un étudiant : « ferme-la » ? Some people pretend that telling someone to shut up is the equivalent of the Joual expression « Farme ta yeule » ou en bon français : « Ferme ta gueule » ! For those who wouldn’t know, a « gueule » is an animal’s mouth: thus, telling someone to shut up just isn’t équivalent to the French « Farme ta yeule »; my Collins Cobuild English dictionary further supports me ..

§ 2. Indeed, here what CC says; shut up: …you CAN say ‘SHUT UP’ to someone to tell them to stop talking… There is NO mention that ’shut up’ would be rude, familiar or informal, whereas the English expressions ’shut your mouth’ or ’shut your face’ ARE supreme English insults, both equivalents to the French « Farme ta yeule »; here, CC says that those two informal English expressions are rude ways to tell someone to stop talking.

§ 3. On top of that, you could even say ‘please, shut up’ to smoothen the impact of that expression, which some people believe rude: they’re wrong; even Collins Cobuild say so. That being said, the most turbulent group, three weeks ago showed for the last two periods that they can listen, take notes, work and stay silent when it’s time to. Indeed, my class plans with the students’ photos, first names and first letters of their family names, made a huge difference, I’m convinced!

§ 4. As for my Working statistics, here they are: at the end of this week # 19, I have worked 49 days on the last 64, thus better than 3 days / 4. Since hired, I thus have worked 51 days on 88. Furthermore, my actual four weeks replacement started the counting of the 180 days needed to reach a precarious status, which precedes a permanent one, one of those days…


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