Winter Break

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Corrective Evaluation: it’s ro-o-olling

§ 1. The five weeks or month I just spent with secondary III students stretched from 2008jan22 to 2008fev22; moreover, I still have corrections to finish up during vacations; furthermore, I must compile all those marks for ±150 students, so that the teacheress I replaced have some data for the next report card.

§ 2. After this week-long winter break, I’m switching to Fred’s secondary IV students until Easter; the secondary III’s teacheress may or may not come back: if not, someone else will inherit her task, until Easter; if the teacheress doesn’t come back after Easter, I might get her students back: that could go on until the end of the school year…

§ 3. Considering I’m already scheduled for most of March 2008 and that I’ve been at Jean-De-Brébeuf eversince the beginning of December 2007, those three, four months of teaching were more profitable in many ways than my replacements here and there, in November, and in the slow month of October, my first month, especially that from now on, everyday I work counts towards the 180 needed to be on the list of precarious teachers, rather than just being on the list of occasional substitute teacher…

§ 4.


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