Foot of Snow + Winds = No School

This @rticle was posted by Djeault on Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 9:13 am


§ 1. I’ll be paid even though schools are closed, but I’ll be finishing my corrections for my last month with secondary three students, anyways: thus, I won’t feel that guilty; I’ll also have to adapt my schedule, until Easter, for the two lovely groups I was supposed to see today…

§ 2. Although some days I may see northwise, for miles and miles, today we can only see a couple of hundred feet away and even less, when the winds gust. I suppose global warming and spring approaching help creating a lot of snow: this winter is particularly exceptional. Driving today will drive you mad; it will give you spiders in the attic: please, DON’T!

§ 3. I couldn’t resist writing in my blog today, since I haven’t written in green for ages… Yes, Wednesdays I write in a green table, as this one, and dress in green, though not today: today, I’ll rather stay in blue and save a set of green clothes from a wash: great!

§ 4. I’m happy to get this three-week spree with Fred’s secondary IV’S, because I can confirm the difference in maturity: the six classes with Fred’s six groups went on perfectly seriously… Indeed, on top of that maturity, Fred’s discipline and the fact I taught Fred’s students before and after Christmas are quality ingredients for a smooth run onto Easter… I lo-o-ove teaching! :-)

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