QC s Crispy Crystalline Easters And…

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Easter is the first Sunday after spring’s first full moon

Quebec, as far I remember, often if not always, has sunny Easter Sundays; this Easter 2008 is no exception. However, I spent one Easter, ±25 years ago, near Lynchburg, Tennessee, on a dairy farm with ± 100 heads, where I lived for six months; I forget that particular Easter, but I do remember that daily, seven days a week and from dawn to dusk, I worked, slow and steady, mostly with a team of Brown Swiss oxen, hauling, logging, ploughing, and so on… Every so often, I’d also work with a team of Holstein Oxen and other times, I’d keep the farm’s Long Horn Twins trained.

When I reconsider the size of a Brown Swiss ox or the span of horns of a Texas LongHorn bull, I feel respectful awe towards those powerful forces of Nature. The cornfields I ploughed with my Brown Swiss team and their steady strength still impress me. My Brown Swiss team followed me around like your dog would; while I’d eat lunch, I didn’t have to tie them up: they’d just wait patiently. In the morning, they’d be waiting for me at the gate, which lead to the fields, in which the dairy cows ate, lived and died…

§ 3. If I ever write my biography, I’ll likely dedicate a chapter to work oxen; they’re such gentle animals; moreover, they are truly calm: I never saw an ox freak out, like horses often do. In front of a supposed danger, horses nervously run and kick, whereas, oxen socially regroup, buck and bunt… Horses flee through their legs; oxen fight with their heads…

§ 4. Oxen have also taken part in Quebec’s construction and they are still in use in numerous regions of the world for farming, logging, hauling and so on… Even though they are usually quite gentle, if you treat them well, between themselves or against mean humans, they can also get into hierarchy related combats, which at times turn deadly. Even so, working with oxen is a chapter of my life I’m quite proud of; that chapter also sustains my 33 years old decision not to eat bovine meat: ne vous en déplaise, I don’t need it and I don”t eat my friends.

Happy Easter


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